Doylestown Documentary Session - The Kinyon Family

This project is something I have wanted to do for a long time. I photograph my kids every day and also have a formal family portrait done each year. It is the images of them at home, in their natural setting, everyday clothing and doing things they routinely do that I always come back to. These are the images that really jog a memory. These images make me realize that six months ago was both so long ago and only a short time ago. Kids change so fast. Family life and activities change so fast. In our house, Friday night is movie night. The baby goes to bed at 7pm and we finish a movie with the kids and read books until they go to bed at 9pm. I have no idea what the baby will be doing in six months. Maybe bedtime will be an hour later. In five years, maybe movie night won’t be a “thing” at our house and the kids will have practice, or art class, or something I don’t even know about yet. Maybe these things seem unimportant. But they are important to me. This is life. It is flying by faster than I can process and when I put my daughter on the school bus for the first time last September, I saw a flash of this stage of life being nothing but a memory. Milestones are sobering and they make me realize that I want to remember it. All of it.

Documentary sessions are my attempt at making a time capsule for you. Package up a Saturday morning in photographs and put them in a box or on the shelf. When you pull them out in a few months or a few years, I hope you feel like these moments happened just yesterday, vibrant and preserved in your memory forever. I am so thankful to the Kinyon family for not only opening their door and their family life to me but for being the perfect documentary subjects. The kids dressed themselves, the dynamic was easy and natural and I think it made for a lovely set of images.

Katie and Ted, I hope you treasure these photographs of your beautiful family. The love and bond between you both and your children is so evident, as is their love for one another. Thank you for trusting me to capture this for you.

dad changes baby's diaper on changing table
boy drizzles syrup on pancakes
family of six eats breakfast around the kitchen table
dad holds baby girl
mom holds baby girl at kitchen table
dad holds baby's fingers
dad with two kids on the floor on Saturday morning
dad zips son's coat to get ready to go outside
dad holds son who secretly picks his nose
mom helps little boy suit up for the snow
little boy keeps baby sister company in the snow
three brothers sled down the hill together on one sled
boy drags sled up the hill in the snow
mom helps son unzip his coat in the garage
boy watches his mom shuffle deck of cards
three brothers play basketball in their room
boy helps his dad measure for kitchen remodeling
baby clutches mother's hair while nursing
mom nurses baby while looking at two sons
brother plays with baby sister in high chair
mother feeds laughing baby

Philadelphia Newborn Photographer - Baby Finn

Lindsay is a friend and fellow photographer and I have had the privilege of photographing both of her babies after they were born. We have also been blessed by her beautiful talent with lovely family photos of our family in our home. Her boys are so sweet and the light in their home is so beautiful, it made my job easy, with an added bonus was shooting in her home studio. Since we both had babies within a few months of each other, there is always a lot of mom-talk to catch up on. Sleep schedules, feeding schedules and so many other important topics that only mothers of newborns can discuss endlessly. Lindsay, I have enjoyed your boys over the past few years but I have enjoyed your friendship even more. You have a beautiful family.

Father and sons in nursery
Dad lifts son in the air to his delight
Family photo with 2 sons on bed
Mother holding newborn and smiling at older son
Toddler gives new baby brother a kiss on his forehead
New brothers lay on the bed together
toddler smiles at new baby brother
newborn baby boy stretches out on bed
Mother nuzzles newborn baby boy
mother and newborn baby boy smiling

Oheka Castle Wedding Photographer - Jennifer & Jonathan

I had my wedding business in New York City for 5 years before I moved to Bucks County. I shot several weddings on Long Island while I lived in New York and even after I left, but I never had the pleasure of shooting at Oheka Castle. It was on my wedding venue bucket list for a multitude of reasons, but the obvious one being that it was a hugely impressive and beautifully manicured estate that I had seen in the pages of celebrity wedding magazines.. I am not the type of person that dreamed about my wedding at length throughout my childhood but when I hear my five year old talk about weddings, brides and grooms, this is the classic fairytale location of which, I’m sure, she’s imagining. Everywhere I turned was another beautiful location, idyllic light streaming through the windows, and European influenced decor. It felt impossible to make bad images at Oheka Castle and it was purely delightful photographing Jennifer and Jonathan on their wedding day and working with their families, some of whom we’d had the pleasure of working with before. When lovely people intersect with a stunning location and beautiful weather, magic happens. I hope you enjoy these images of one of my favorite weddings.


Ocean City New Jersey Beach Portraits - The Heenan & Kurtz Families

Photographing families at the beach is such a treat for me.  We are so fortunate to live within a few hours of the beautiful New Jersey beaches and I always look forward to the opportunity to photograph families there a few times each summer.  There is always a balance of structure and play during my sessions but the beach allows for an added element of spontaneity with children that I love.  The distractions of the waves and the sand and searching for beach treasures really allow me to disappear and let kids connect with their environment rather than my camera.  I love adding these images to client galleries, along with more formal portraits and candid interactions.  

I absolutely loved the color palette this family chose.  It was perfectly complementary without matching too closely.  I think their wardrobe choices added a subtle amount of color to the formal beach portrait in the most perfect way, without distracting from their faces and expressions.  The light was gorgeous, the kids were full of energy and I even got to eat at Manco & Manco for dinner so this evening was perfect.  Thanks to the H & K families for an extra trip down to OCNJ this summer!


Philadelphia Newborn Photographer | Edison

Sara and Doug were married a few years ago in Center City and I loved photographing their beautiful wedding at the Downtown Club.  Four years later and I was thrilled to hear that they were expecting a baby girl and wanted me to photograph her newborn session.  Baby Edison was such a tiny peanut, with the greatest bow collection I've ever seen and her mom's old school baby Nike high tops to grow into.  Sara and Doug, enjoy your sweet, tiny girl and welcome to the beautiful world of parenthood.


Philadelphia Newborn Photographer | Carter

I love working in the home of a family welcoming a newborn baby.  I especially love to see the dynamic when there are siblings involved.  There is a carefully orchestrated dance that all parents quickly learn in order to keep their new baby safe from their young siblings while also trying not to make the first-born feel displaced.  It is such a delicate time for both children and the balancing act is one you will adopt quickly if you find yourself in the same situation.  In this case, Jackson was the perfect big brother, both interested in and so gentle with his new baby brother.  Carter was so alert for the entire session and endured outfit and location changes really well.  Second children are always so tolerant, it's almost like they come prepared for the fact that the world will revolve mostly, but not only, around them alone.  Enjoy these photos of sweet, tiny Carter.  I bet he is inches longer and pounds heavier by now.  Katie and Ryan, thank you for inviting me into your beautiful home and trusting me with these special moments with Carter!


Tinicum Park Engagement Session | Heather & Spencer

I love finding new places to explore in Bucks County.  I have lived here going on six years and there is still so much of this beautiful area that I have not seen.  Tinicum Park was one of these places and I am so happy that Heather and Spencer introduced me to it.  The weather and light could not have been more amazing and when we were about to wrap, the sun broke through the clouds in such a way that I felt like I was in a massive, outdoor studio with the perfect lighting.  It was truly breathtaking.

Heather and Spencer have one of the more interesting stories I have heard from a couple who met online.  So many of my couples do meet online but the funny thing about this story is that even though they lived miles apart, Heather had seen Spencer at a Home Depot well before they even met virtually and he caught her eye.  She spotted him on a snowbank outside the store while she waited, sick, in the car for her mom to come out.  He caught her eye and then, if I remember the story correctly, he fell down the snowbank and she lost sight of him.  I thought it was so interesting that their paths had "crossed" coincidentally long before they found one another.  They say timing is everything but the universe definitely seemed to present them with more than one opportunity to meet.  I wonder how many other people that has happened to without them even being aware of it.  Don't you wish there was some kind of log book you could look at and review the different "coincidences" and fateful moments that happened in your life?

These two will tie the knot in March at the beautiful and intimate Golden Pheasant Inn.   Heather and Spencer, I can't wait to see your vision come to life.  See you in a few months!


Glen Mills Newborn Photographer | Grayson

Grayson's nursery is such a sanctuary; light, bright and shades of pink.  She was calm and snuggly and I loved photographing her smooshy face and thick black hair.  She wasn't bothered at all by her two wild brothers who lovingly held and hugged her and jumped on the bed while she slept.  She was so longed for and is so loved, she is the perfect addition to this family and dare I say, the last piece of the puzzle.  I can't wait to watch her grow and change, but please, keep all of that beautiful hair.


West Chester Newborn Photorapher | Rory

Rory was as delightful as his big brother was about a year and a half ago.  Both several weeks early and both as sweet and sleepy as they could be.  I have learned over the years that preemies are the easiest babies to photograph.  It's as if they think they are still in the womb and just pass the hours being swaddled, fed and snuggled.  I'm sure parents of preemies might disagree with me, but for the few hours I get to spend with them, they are just heaven.


I love this moment between big brother and little brother.  They are just beginning to learn what a special person the other will be to them.


I have so many shots of this next series that I love.  Something about the perspective and remembering how a newborn can just fit right on your legs like that, as light as a feather, both squirming and content at the same time.


Witnessing the mother and child relationship is indescribable, especially at the newborn stage.  To finally see the tiny person you have carried for (almost) nine months, there in your arms is too big for words.


Jim and Kristen, thank you for sharing your beautiful new baby and your beautiful new home with me.  I just loved photographing both boys.


Project 365 | August | Bucks County Lifestyle Photographer

We kissed summer goodbye last month.  But I don't mind because we filled up on beach days in the Outer Banks, festivals, bubbles, catnaps, our friends' pets, the zoo, the eclipse mania and Lake Wallenpaupack.  I hope your summer was as eventful as ours and you are as excited as we are for Fall!


Bucks County Wedding Photographer | Stroudsmoor Country Inn Wedding | Alyssa & Alex

Where do I begin with this fairy-inspired and meticulously detailed, gorgeous wedding?  Alyssa is an artist and it was evident right down to the smallest details in her and Alex's wedding.  She was also surrounded by some seriously creative ladies, one of whom made her gorgeous crystal crown.  It truly transformed her into a wedding Goddess.


We managed to sneak out before the raindrops to a beautiful secluded spot at The Stroudsmoor for some portraits of Alyssa and her bridesmaids.  She perfectly coordinated three different dresses from BHLDN for a soft palette of blush, cream and light sage.  You would have never guessed that the wedding day was her first chance at seeing them all side by side!


As soon as the rain started we had to run for cover!  Thanks to the clear umbrellas, Alex and his groomsfolk were still able to have some outdoor portraits.  I actually think the umbrellas made the images even better.  If you're worried about rain on your wedding day, stock up.  A clear umbrella lets all of the beautiful, diffused light in on a rainy afternoon.


The ceremony was warm and intimate amidst the falling raindrops.  Alyssa's brother, James, married them and brought the perfect mix of love and humor for a thoughtful and sincere meditation.  After marrying two of their other sisters, I think he has perfected the art of ordination.


The original ceremony location was a labor of floral love and I was so thankful that the skies parted after the ceremony allowing us to take advantage of the amazingly decorated altar.  The storm provided some of the most beautiful light I have ever seen at a wedding in my ten years photographing them.  The fog in woods and the sun beams that shone through were just magical and beyond what we could have asked for.  Alyssa and Alex's portraits in the woods are some of my all-time favorites.  It was the perfect silver lining and a great reminder that sometimes you take the good with the bad and in this case, it was definitely worth it.


The reception started with a bang in the form of an exploding beer, and once the dance floor opened up the whole crowd was ready to get down.  The final, amazing touch was the Game of Thrones inspired cake cutting, complete with the GOT theme song and a real sword.  It was spectacular.  Alyssa and Alex, you are funny, sweet, witty and kind with a genuine and quiet love.  It was refreshing to witness and I truly felt honored to be photographing your day.  Thank you.


Stonebrook Farm Wedding | Perkasie Wedding Photographer | Will and Beth

I worked alongside Annemarie Kopey of Blossom n Bloom photography on this outdoor wedding at Historic Stonebrook Farm.  The venue is just around the corner from me but it is situated on a sleepy little street and by the time you get to the grounds and the fields of Stonebrook, you feel like there couldn't be a neighbor for miles.  It is the perfect destination for a laid-back, lazy summer afternoon soiree.   Here are a few of my favorite images that I captured for Will and Beth.

groom helping groomsman wth cuff links
groom adjusts his bowtie in the mirror
mirror reflection of the groomsmen getting dressed
The groom smiles at seeing his bride for the first time
formal shot of groom's wedding party in a field
formal shot of groom's wedding party in front of feed barn
bride and groom make their way down a path
invitation laying in the grass
two kids giggle looking at invitation
wide angle view of ceremony in field under tree
dad chokes back tears watching daughter get married
bride laughs during wedding ceremony vows
bride hugs grandmother in receiving line
grandmother looks at bride as bride touches her cheek
woman overjoyed to hug bride in receiving line
little boy looks up at bride and groom in receiving line
little girl holds a bottle of pink soda while resting on the steps
outside of stonebrook farm venue
adults look on while a child plays giant jenga
Maid of honor practices her toast with a bridesmaid
child shows concern while playing giant jenga
bride and groom share their first dance in the barn
bride and groom share their first dance in the barn at stonebrook
bride and groom look at each other at sunset
bride and groom make a wish together
bride and groom cut the cake in the barn at stonebrook

Project 365 | July Favorites | Bucks County Photographer

Seven months into this project and I am tiring, just a little.  I am still making pictures every day but I think I am excited for the seasons to change, and the opportunity to shoot on a new backdrop.  C'mon, Mother Nature, I'm counting on you.  For now, here is my collection from July.  We watched fireworks, spent the day in NYC, canvased playgrounds, splashed in creeks and pools, danced, explored and tried to pilfer fruit.  Another summer month is in the books, so to speak.  What keeps me invigorated about this project is imagining these images in an actual book that we will page through and pull memories out of whenever we like.  So here's to the last few weeks of Summer and all of the boundless energy we've yet to expend, making use of each and every hour of daylight she has to offer.

toddler boy holding blue object backlit by the sun
Father holdingn two children standing in front of fireworks display
silhouette of father and daughter doing a puzzle together
boy and girl sitting in double stroller eating a soft pretzel in NYC
3 year old girl playing with play doh at table in front of window
black and white photo of toddler girl and boy sitting on their bikes looking over their shoulder at the camera
black and white photo of girl hanging on a bar at the playground
little girl relaxes on bench with eyes closed at sesame place
3 year old lays on bed daydreaming and looking at ceiling
4 year old lays sideways on bed covering her face
toddler brother and sister sit on park bench with baby doll drinking from sippy cups
girl kneels at window observing the fog
4 year old plays with princess figurines by window while wearing a crown
4 year old stands underneath playground while light creates a patter on her dress and face
Little boy runs towards camera yielding a sword while wearing a diaper
2 year old boy sits in a creek while the water ripples around him creating circles
little boy's face lit by morning light through the window while the rest of the room is in shadows
black and white of toddler girl in dress standing by window
little girl dances in ballerina dress in the kitchen
little girl has playground all to herself
little boy flies superman figure overhead while wearing superman shirt
black and white of two kids in the baby pool
4 year old splashing in the pool
toddler brother and sister hug in the light and shadows of the blinds
girl dances with grandmother in her bedroom
blur of boy running through living room
shadow of little girl behind curtain
2 year old tries to pilfer a strawberry at a farm market
girl balances on parking curb at sundown

New Hope Wedding Photographer | Jennifer and John

A stone farmhouse, orchids, fireworks, thunderstorms, donuts.  I knew I would have to prepare myself for the beauty of this stunning, at-home wedding.  If I told you how quickly this wedding was planned you would not believe me.  I met and booked with Jennifer just a few short months ago and this wedding was like a gift that fell into my lap from our very first interaction.  I don't meet too many couples anymore, with many folks opting to book over email or a phone call.  Having coffee with Jen and hearing about the details of John's and her day felt like getting together with an old friend.  Add to that all of the perfect decisions they made about the wedding; the sailcloth tent, her delicate lace dress and the beautifully manicured gardens at the house, getting dressed at the Woolverton Inn in Stockton, and the fact that the wedding took place on a gorgeous property right around the corner from my own home, it was perfection. 

The threat of thunderstorms may have dampened the mood a bit in the morning but I was thankful that John refused to get married anywhere but on the lawn, as planned.  I quietly love when a couple shares my vision for an outdoor ceremony, no exceptions.  Everyone was prepared with umbrellas but I think John and Mother Nature had a serious and threatening conversation and she actually conceded as the skies cleared right around 6pm, ceremony time.  What a gift.  The rains poured down later in the evening but glowing tent was so cozy and inviting that no one seemed to notice. 

If I could shoot this wedding three times over I would.  I truly enjoyed every minute of it.  Sage did a fabulous job with the catering and The Living Earth did a tremendous job making the flowers unique and beautiful.  By 11pm I had fallen in love my with my job all over again.

bridal bouquet on couch at the Woolverton Inn in New Hope
bride checking the weather on her phone
woman holds flower girl dress and purse
Mother of the bride looks out window
Pink bridal shoes on dark blue couch
Bride embraces mother on wedding day before getting into her gown
Bride gets dressed at the Woolverton Inn in Stockton, NJ
Backlit image of bride getting dressed while mother helps.
Bride looking excited while getting into her wedding gown
Portrait of bride at Woolverton Inn
bride looks at flower girl while posing for a photo, bridal bouquet also pictured
Bride holds onto veil while smiling in front of the Woolverton Inn in Stockton
Property with sailcloth tent set up for a wedding with grey skies
Groom looks at his watch while getting ready for wedding
Groom and stepmother share a glance before wedding ceremony begins
Groom relaxes in living room before the cermony
Bride and her dad share a laugh as they begin their walk down the aisle
Groom wipes a tear as he sees his bride coming down the aisle
Bride gets choked up walking down the aisle being escorted by her parents
Bride gives her groom an excited look as she reaches the front of the aisle
Father of the bride shakes grooms hand as bride looks on
Wedding ceremony at home
groom tucks hair behind bride's ear as her veil blows in the wind
Bride and groom share wedding vows at outdoor cermony
Bride laughs during wedding vow exchange
Stone springhouse alongside bride and groom sharing an embrace at the end of the wedding ceremony
Groom shares a laugh with his mother
Bride and groom embrace under clear umbrella
bride and groom walk away from camera under clear umbrella, looking at one another
Bride grins at groom during first dance
bride and groom share first dance under a tent
Newlyweds lift their glasses after wedding toast
Friends greet the bride on her wedding day with enthusiasm
Sailcloth tent with twinkle lights and a pink sunset
Father of the bride dances with his daughter
Bride shares a dance with her dad
Groom shares a dance with his mother
Mother and son dance at his wedding
Two girls get down on the dance floor
Sailcloth tent lit at night against a dark sky
bride and groom watch fireworks with excitement
Bride and groom react to fireworks with excitement

Wayne Family Photographer | The Thomas Family

I have been photographing the Thomas family since before they became a family.  Natasha and Deane hired me to shoot their engagement session many years ago while we were all living in New York and it feels like we have been scheduling sessions ever since.  I have photographed each newborn baby boy and the entire family twice yearly for as long as I can remember.  It has been an absolute joy watching this family grow, change, move to another state, add more babies and journey through life together. 

Each year the boys seem a little older to me, but I am especially reminded of why I became a photographer when I see my images of them on their walls and in frames throughout their home.  Seeing a photo in the foyer from their oldest son Severin's newborn session makes me feel like it was ages ago that I was photographing him as a tiny baby and I am reminded that these memories have a way of just slipping through our fingers to make more room for present moments.  Thank goodness for photographs and the people who trust me to make them!  Thank you, Natasha and Deane for so many wonderful memories and I am looking forward to many more!  I love how "real" these sessions have become capturing the beauty, love and choas that is life.

Young mother surrounded by four sons
Family of six showing off their muscles
Mother, father and four young boys pose for picture
two boys run away from camera into field
little boy sits at the bottom or slide smiling
father with four sons in soccer goal hugging
black and white of boy putting grass on brother's head
mom and dad snuggling baby
mom wipes son's nose
little boy holds mom's hands and laughs
youngest brother gets pushed in red car by oldest brother
boy walks away from camera holding mom's hand

Brandywine Creek State Park Family Portrait | The Burkhardt Family

The Burkhardts introduced me to Brandywine Creek State Park last month.  How lucky are they to have this 900+ acre park as their backyard playground?  The location where we shot their session allows you to see Mother Earth, undisturbed, for miles in any direction.  It was the kind of place that made me feel small, and I can imagine children getting lost in their own imaginations there for hours, letting the park quench their thirst for adventure and exploration.  After asking me for a shooting location, I have to thank Heather and her family for coming up with their own idea, far better than what I had offered since it is so meaningful to them. 

I loved working with these sweet kids, each with their own distinct personality.  It is amazing how much I can learn about a child in an hour, especially in the company of their siblings.  Burkhardts, it was a total pleasure photographing your family and I look forward to seeing more of you in the future!

Two young brothers looking at a bug on a rock
Family portrait of family of five with mother, father, two young boys and girl in a park
Family portrait of three young children, mother and father
three siblings, one girl, in a big bear hug
little girl smiling with arm across her knees
four year old sitting cross legged on rocks
children picking flowers for mom
little girl turned back looking over shoulder while walking down the road
black and white of nine year old boy standing outside
black and white of three children standing in front of parents
family of five standing in front of white barn outside in a park setting
black and white of brothers hugging
black and white of young girl smiling with arms crossed

Red Tricycle Feature

I was so excited to learn that Red Tricycle was interested in using two of my images for an article they wrote about first birthday photo ideas.  They mention ten ideas for photographing your one year old and among the two they selected was a photo of my little Silas at age one (with the silly expression.)   You can view the entire article here:

Red Tricycle screen grab of article
one year old making funny face at camera
one year old boy wearing dad's blue tie and diaper for photo

Ambler Portrait Photographer - Charlie

Charlie's parents signed her up for one of my favorite projects, a baby's first year package.  I have always loved photographing newborns but watching them grow over the course of the year is just so fun to witness and capture.  Watching couples grow in their parenting journey is also a pretty neat thing to see.  Dan and Toni have a bundle of pure joy and happiness in little Charlie and ironically, they realize how lucky they are and what an easy baby she is!  She was sweet and smiley for the entire session and even as the temperatures dropped when the sun went down, she was happy to show off her all-star baby legs and toes for a few photographs.  I can't wait to see what the next six months brings.  See you in the Fall, sweet Charlie.

chubby cheeked baby being help up by dad
six month old baby girl standing in between mom and dad holding their hands
mother kissing baby girl while holding her close
mom and dad standing in wooded area while dad holds baby up and mom looks on
baby girl laughs while sitting in wooded area
six month old baby girl smiles while sitting in wooded area wearing blue headband
mom holds baby up in the air with dad standing close behind in a wooded area
baby girl lays on pink blanket in a field
baby clutches toes with her hand in a field
baby girl laughs on pink blanket looking up at camera
black and white image of baby toes up in the air
baby girl in pink blanket on the grass looking up at camera

Project 365 | March Favorites | Bucks County Photographer

I have successfully documented another month here at home.  I am still truly enjoying the process of picking up my camera each day and completely surprised by the fact hat I have not yet missed a day.  I get really excited about new things and ideas and it doesn't always last, but this time I think I am seeing the results of putting in the time and effort to really practice and make new work in a different setting than I am used to, and it has motivated me to keep going and see what else I can "see."  I hope you enjoy these images.  I have loved watching the seasons come to life through this project and when viewed all at once, it can really give a sense of time and change.  You will also see that my children love looking out the window for our resident groundhog.

Little girl looking at reflection
boy with hand outstretched eating salt
boy on tiptoes laughing at dad in driver's seat of car
little girl blowing dandelion
baby toes and legs sitting in chair
boy looking out window with maui hook
little boy having a snack on windowsill
little girl closes window while little brother looks up at her