Fairmount Park Horticulture Center Family Portrait - Lindsay, Andy & Asher

It has been a long winter.  While I enjoy "busy season" in the Fall, which always spills over into December, the winter months offer a quiet relaxation from shooting for clients.  I have the opportunity to photograph what I choose to photograph and work on my own personal work at my leisure.  I have particularly enjoyed documenting my own family this past winter and the practice of having my camera out every day, and all the time.  But last night gave me a taste of what is to come this Spring and Summer and I could not be more excited.  It was so refreshing to get some new faces in front of my camera and Asher couldn't have been better.  This kid is completely obsessed with bubbles.  Blowing bubbles, splashing in the reflecting pool bubbles and pointing off in the distance saying, "bubbles."  He laughed easily and loved getting wet at the end of our session.  I hope you enjoy these images as much as I enjoyed photographing them.  It is always a pleasure, if not a little bit of a "pressure" shooting a fellow photographer.  Thanks for making it easy, Lindsay!

Greenville Family Portrait - The Kalamchi Family

Most of my portrait work involves families with young children. Parents want to savor those moments, the images of their children while they are young, wild, crazy, innocent. This session with the Kalamchis was a big change of pace for me with only one toddler and the majority or my portrait subjects being adults. I had a wonderful time visiting them over Thanksgiving break at their family home in Greenville and I could sense the feeling I get when my own family gets together for the holidays, that familiar buzz of everyone gathering under one roof for Thanksgiving and the anticipation of Christmas.  It was a pleasure and a privilege being there to make some family portraits for them.

Welkinweir Estate Wedding | Renee & Jordan

Sometimes I don't meet my couples until their wedding day.  I remember being on vacation with my family in Ocean City, New Jersey when Renee and Jordan and I had our first phone conversation.  They told me about what they were planning at Welkinweir and how everything was long-distance.  I can't imagine planning a wedding from far away, let alone hiring all of my vendors without meeting anyone but Renee and Jordan made wonderful choices based on reviews and internet resources and all of the details came together so beautifully.  I was in awe of the florals by Faye & Renee.  The combination of colors and blooms was absolute perfection and I could have looked at their ceremony arbor all day.  Renee and Jordan wanted to create a more intimate day with a smaller group of friends and family and you can really feel the difference when that happens.  Things don't seem to operate at such a frenetic pace with a smaller crowd and everyone seemed to really enjoy themselves and appreciate all of the finer details that went into planning the day.  Don't get me wrong, larger weddings excite me too, sometimes the fast pace and energy of a huge crowd is inspiring, but it's interesting how the size of a guest list is one more reflection on the couple and what they want from their wedding day.  I hope you enjoy the images of this sweet, laid-back couple.  It is always such a treat when I get to work with such nice people.  A big thank you to Annemarie Kopey who shot alongside me for this one.

Jordan brewed all of the beer that was served to their guests, including mead for the toasts.  This beautiful board described each different kind of beer and was located right next to the bar.  How cool is that?!

Jordan brewed all of the beer that was served to their guests, including mead for the toasts.  This beautiful board described each different kind of beer and was located right next to the bar.  How cool is that?!

Philadelphia Newborn Photographer | Rory

Rory was born just as the anticipation of the holidays was settling in last Fall.  I remember the crisp air in October and the leaves beginning to fall from the trees as I walked to meet them.  Siobhan and John had just moved into their new home in Philadelphia, the plastic wrap still on the chandelier.  They hadn't even had the opportunity to fill the rooms with furniture yet.  I remember thinking that it was such a momentous, exciting and fresh new beginning for them.  A brand new house, a brand new baby and a whole new wild world of parenthood about to begin.  Rory was a sweetheart, barely crying for me and completely awake and alert in his brand new nursery which was flooded with the most perfect light.  I can't imagine him 5 months older already, time surely flies.  I hope they are enjoying all of the beautiful moments a new baby brings and I hope you enjoy these photos of their precious boy.



Project 365 | February Favorites | Bucks County Photographer

It's been longer than I'd like to admit since I've worked on a personal project.  I have made excuses.  I don't have the time or energy to focus on one more thing.  I shoot so much for work that I can't find the motivation to get my camera out when I'm at home.  I can't imagine taking on more editing and post production work on top of my current client work.  But, things have both slowed down, in the off-season, and sped up, as my children are growing up before my eyes, that I felt it was the perfect time to focus on something for me.  I am only two months into my "photo a day" project but I am still really excited about the day to day images I'm collecting and the new way I am seeing my house, my kids, my light, my life and the world around me.  Most days are a blur and by the time 9 o'clock rolls around I could easily close my eyes and drift off to sleep for 12 hours if that were a possibility, but lately, 9 o'clock means I finally have an opportunity to open my laptop and pour over the images I've created from the day.  And more importantly, these images will serve to remind me of details I am bound to forget as the weeks and months pass.  If you've heard about the 365 project and considered trying it for yourself, it is not too late to start.  Whether with a point and shoot camera, an SLR or a phone, I would encourage you to give it a chance and see it changes the way you see the world.  I have been so pleasantly surprised by how much I have enjoyed the process and the challenge.

Haverford College Family Session - Finn and Milo

I've been photographing this family since Emily and Ethan tied the knot in 2011.  They have since incorporated Emily's lovely parents into their sessions after adding two beautiful twin boys to their family. 

I say this a lot, but it is truly a pleasure to photograph this family each year and I am touched by the way that they value my work as art and express that to me year after year.  I feel a great connection with Emily and her parents and family and I think it is because they have just opened themselves up completely to me and to my lens during our session.  They are not wearing any masks and make no apologies for the chaos that accompanies two toddlers (a chaos with which I am already on a first name basis with at home.)  We've created images that are real and true and that reflect parenthood, childhood and grand-parenthood.

Creating images that capture the reality of your life is truly my purpose during a session and what I feel is the gift I have to share with you.  For you, I capture the images you might think you are looking for, the ones that tell your friends, and maybe even yourself that you've got it all together.  We all need those shots!   But for me, I capture the tufty hair, the chubby fingers, the playfulness and the joy of being a two year old.  I hope those become the images that you want too, if not now, down the road.  To all of the wonderful people in these photographs, thank you for letting me do that.  I hope these photographs fulfill you as much as they fulfill me

Brandywine River Museum Photographer - Bharti, Francis, Rithik & Vishal

Bharti contacted me about doing a photo session for her beautiful family near her home in Glen Mills, PA last Fall.  I had never been to the Brandywine River Museum of Art but it was such a beautiful location for portraits and I can't wait to have the opportunity to go back again this year.  Rithik and Vishal were such sweet and entertaining boys.  It was fun trying to get them to smile and they laughed easily which is always a great relief for me.  They are neighbors to one of my closest friends from the University of Delaware so while I had met them before, it was fun getting to know them better and watching them interact as a family.  It was obvious during the shoot that they have a lot of fun together.  To the A family, thank you for choosing me to capture your family and make new portraits of the the boys in 2016!  

Family of four sitting at the Brandywine River Museum

Brothers posing for photo in front of Brandywine River Musem

Boy posing on step with arms crossed over knee at Brandywine River Museum

Brothers sitting together at the Brandywine River Museum

Boy resting on his knee and smiling at Brandywine River Museum

Man and woman standing by fence holding hands

black and white of husband and wife holding hands and wife laughing at Brandywine River Museum

Older brother hugging younger brother around the neck

Brothers sitting at the Brandywine River Museum and laughing

Lehigh Valley Newborn Photographer - Violet

This sweet baby girl was born just before all of the excitement that Fall brings.  She couldn't have been more fun to meet and photograph, since I have been friends with her mom, Karen, from playing on the Emmaus High School tennis team with her way back in the 90s!  Wow.  I also had the pleasure of shooting Karen and Phil's wedding in 2014.  I have loved being a part of all of the major milestones in their lives and little Violet is certainly no exception.  Karen and Phil, thank you for inviting me into your beautiful home to meet your lovely baby girl.  I cannot wait to see how much she has grown and I look forward to photographing her again in the future!  

black and white of newborn baby yawning

New mother holding and kissing newborn baby girl

newborn baby girl smiling

newborn baby swaddled on a bed

closeup of newborn baby swaddled in white

newborn baby feet swaddled in white cloth

new dad holding and kissing baby girl

black and white of newborn baby in mother's arms

Crabtree's Kittle House Wedding - Shefali and Kieran

Now that busy season is officially over and I have more time to devote to sharing weddings and sessions, I am excited to share images of all of the wonderful people I photographed in 2016.  This post takes us back to a beautiful spring day in May at Crabtree's Kittle House in Chappaqua, New York.  I met Shefali through her brother and his wife, whose engagement session I photographed in New York City in 2012.  Shefali was such a laid-back bride and it was truly an enjoyable day for everyone.  It is so refreshing to see a bride and groom relax and just enjoy the entirety of their wedding day.  After spending so much time planning,  I love when a couple can let go and enjoy the day they have been anticipating for so long.  I hope you enjoy the images from their day.  

bridal photo of bride applying perfume

Indian bride getting into white wedding dress

Portrait of Indian bride standing by chair by the window

Groom tying his bow tie getting ready for wedding

groom getting dressed with groomsmen in his hotel room

groom and groomsmen outside crabtree's kittle house

bride descending the stairs at crabtree's kittle house in chappaqua

groom seeing his bride for the first time descending the stairs at wedding

bride smirking at groom during outdoor ceremony

black and white of officiant at wedding ceremony

bride and groom at the altar

posed portrait of bride and groom outside in the sunset

indoor photo of room setup for wedding reception at crabtree's kittle house

waiter holding passed hors d'oeuvre

group of ladies laughing at cocktail hour

groomsman kissing his daughter, the flower girl

bride and groom first dance

groom twirls bride during first dance

groom picks up bride at the end of first dance

bride and groom give welcome toast

woman listens to bride and groom's toast

bride dances with her parents at wedding reception

couple dances at wedding reception

dance between bride and groom at the end of their wedding reception


Philadelphia Family Portrait - Risa, Chris, Isla and Theo

I met Risa through a longtime client of mine, whose portraits I will also be posting shortly.  In a comprehensive list of referrals, Risa chose me, so thank you for appreciating my work in a sea of wonderful photographers, Risa!  She is the owner of a beautiful blog of which I've become a fan.  If you are looking to add to your blogroll, check out her beautiful page here.  She discusses all things style, kids, life, parenting and beyond.  I am sure that at least some of her posts will resonate with you, as they did with me. Risa and Chris live in Philadelphia with their adorable children so it was a natural backdrop for our Fall session.  The weather was unseasonably warm for October so I think a last minute wardrobe change was in order for the whole family.   Knowing how much time I spend planning the wardrobe for my own family sessions, it would have thrown me off completely, but everyone seemed relaxed and ready when I arrived at the Rodin Museum.  When you are trying to corral two toddlers for the perfect photograph, it is best to just let go and let the session take shape on it's own.  Risa and Chris did that perfectly and I think it shows in the images.  Thanks to the entire family for being so laid back and a special HAPPY 3rd BIRTHDAY to Isla today!!


little girl in white dress and boots standing amidst evergreen trees

black and white image of 2 year old girl sitting and touching her shoe

black and white of little girl running through two rows of trees outside the rodin museum

mother holding daughter and laughing

family of four walking by the Rodin Museum

mother holding up little boy about to kiss him

black and white of 2 year old being held by mother and walking looking over her shoulder

little brother and sister sitting side by side and amiling and laughing, looking up

one year old boy at the bottom of a big set of stairs outside the philadelphia art museum looking back at the camera

black and white of a mother comforting son at the top of a staircase outside the philadelphia art museum

family of four on the steps of the philadelphia art museum with the skyline in the background

one year old boy laughing and clapping his hands

father holding one year old son while he claps his hands

family of four with two toddler children standing in front of boatouse row in philadelphia

Happy Holidays!

It has warmed my heart this holiday season to open beautiful holiday cards made from photographs I've taken for you.  Thank you to my friends and clients who have given me the opportunity to create lasting memories for you and your families and taken the time to send me a card.  I have loved each and every card you have sent, including the ones that came after this photo was taken.  Merry Christmas to you and cheers to a fabulous new year.  I look forward to seeing you all again in 2017!  

holiday photo cards arranged on a table



Central Park Engagement Session - Mike and Kristen

I met Mike in ninth grade Spanish class and really got to know him over the summer when we both taught tennis at a club in Allentown, where I grew up.  I was so thrilled to learn that he had met a girl as lovely as Kristen and that they wanted me to photograph their wedding.  They live in New York City and wanted to have their engagement session done in Central Park, where they got engaged.  I always love going into New York to shoot, the city provides such an electric backdrop for images and it's easy to see things in a fresh new way because nothing stays the same in New York for very long.  It was a surprisingly cold Fall day but the sun was shining and I think the images convey the bright, fun time we had exploring the park and ending up at the spot where it all began, Conservatory Water.  I hope you enjoy these few favorites!  

girl in red coat and fiance in central park

black and white of engageed couple snuggling at Shakespeare's Castle in Central Park

girl in red coat and fiance in central parkgirl being dipped while dancing in central park in front of a fountain

engaged couple on picnic blanket in central park

girl laughing with fiance in front of new york city skyline in central park

engaged couple laughing by Bethesda fountain in central park

couple standing together under bethesda terrace

couple hugging at conservatory water in central park in new york city


Holiday Mini Sessions

I am thrilled with this year's holiday mini sessions.  A big thank you to all of my clients, old and new who came out to Doylestown to have their holiday photos taken.  This was the first time I photographed my mini sessions around a themed set and I think it worked out really well.  Getting all of this together was a real labor of love and I couldn't have done it without Jen Mitschele of LACE Vintage.  She made the incredible mantel and put the whole scene together for the sessions.  I couldn't have been happier with the way it looked.  In addition to the beautiful set, we had an unseasonably warm day in November on Saturday, note the bare feet, after which Sunday was a windy, frigid reminder of the winter months ahead.  Everyone dealt with the elements surprisingly well and I hope that all of these families will put a great holiday card together with some of these images.  Thank you again to everyone involved for making 2016 another "mini" success!  

twin boys in red plaid snuggle in holiday themed setup


baby in floral top sits on bench looking to her left at camera

black and white of two sisters looking at each other and smiling and laughing

family in neutral outfits sit on trunk in holiday scene looking at daughter

little girl takes care of baby brother while dog sits alongside

family of four in front of bright red tree holiday mini session

baby boy in red and white stripes looks up to the sky in front of holiday mantel

mom, dad and twin boys pose in front of holiday mantel

family of six in front of holiday mantel

family of five pose in front of holiday mantel

older sister consoles younger sister

Brides, Brunch & Bubbly

I had the pleasure of being a part of the Brides, Brunch and Bubbly show this past Sunday.  The event was orchestrated by Philadelphia Wedding Magazine and brought so many wonderful vendors under one roof to meet newly engaged brides in the process of planning their weddings.  It was a great event to be a part of and I enjoyed meeting all of the wonderful women who made the event such a success.  I photographed the event as well so keep an eye out for the recap in the next issue of Philadelphia Wedding Magazine.  Below is a quick snap of my table, beautified by the lovely Tanti of Papertini.  Thank you so much Tanti for the lovely flowers.  I only wish they would last me through Thanksgiving!  

Free Library of Philadelphia in the Fall





Silver Creek Country Club Wedding - Janelle and Sean

Janelle and Sean have a quiet love that becomes more and more apparent the more time you spend with them.  It was nice to witness such a sweet relationship that didn't put on any airs and was truly genuine and just for the two of them.  They were married at Silver Creek Country Club and it was a beautiful day for a truly perfect couple.  Thank you for trusting me to photograph this day, Janelle and Sean.  I hope these moments will last a lifetime and beyond. little girl getting ready for wedding at Silver Creek Country Club

Bride getting her hair done for wedding at Silver Creek Country Club

Tearful mother of the bride about to help bride put on her earrings

Overhead view of bride getting veil in place

Groom seeing his bride for the first time during a first look on a golf course

Photo of bride and groom embracing with a rainbow through the center of the image

Bride holding onto veil with fingertips and looking into camera

Father helping little boy button his tuxedo on a golf course

Bridal party with blue dresses

Father kisses his daughter at the altar on her wedding date

wideangle image of wedding ceremony

bride and groom at the altar

flower girls looking on at ceremony

Groom and Dad giving thumbs up after wedding ceremony ends

Silver Creek country club set up for a reception with coral accents

Bride and groom embrace outdoors

Groom hugs bride outside on golf course at Silver Creek Country club

Venue shot of Silver Creek Country Club

first dance between bride and groom

Wedding guests dancing to the electric slide

Groom dances with his mother at Silver Creek country club

Groom slides across dance floor on chestgroup dancing shot at silver creek country club

bride and groom share last kiss on the dance floor at their wedding

Marlton Newborn Photographer - Baby Tess

Remember Maura?  She has a new baby sister!  I had such a great time visiting this family twice in one month.  The S family is just full of wonderful people.  Sometimes I feel like I am just going to hang out with friends when I go to work and it's people like these that make that possible.  I am so thankful for the opportunity to share in so many special moments.  I have encompassed the span of engagement, wedding, newborn and family photography with this family and I look forward to many more shoots in the future.  I hope you enjoy the images of this beautiful, new baby girl and her adorable siblings.  

newborn baby girl looking through crib bars at camera

Mother holding newborn baby girl in nursery

black and white image of mom changing new baby while big sister looks on

new baby swaddled and laying in crib

toddler boy smiling in front of his crib

little boy snuggling with lovie

family of five looking fawning over newest addition of baby girl

new family of five relaxing on sofa in black and white

mom handing new baby gently to big sister

baby swaddled in pink on big white bed next to music box

family of five cuddling on bed

big sister smooshing little toddler brother's cheeks

black and white photo of three siblings, two girls and one boy

Wayne Newborn Photographer - Baby Jasper

Jasper is the fourth of four sweet boys that I have been photographing for years and years.  I think I have photographed this family longer than any other client beginning with mom and dad's engagement session in New York City almost ten years ago (is my math correct, Natasha?)  I have immensely enjoyed watching these boys and this family grow year after year and according to mom, their family is finally complete.  While I am sad there are no more newborn sessions in our future, I look forward to the privilege of continuing to record precious moments for this family for years to come.  Without further adieu, the final newborn session for from the T family is below for your viewing pleasure! little brothers hugging

older brother and newborn brother looking at each other

mother with newborn baby boy

father holding son smiling

family of six in living room posing for portrait

family posing for potrait looking at little boy who will not join

hands holding up swaddled newborn baby boy

Newtown Square Newborn Photographer - Baby Colin

Colin is already six months old so I'm slightly behind on my blogging efforts but let's forge on and appreciate how tiny his toes are!  Colin was born early so he was extra small, sleepy and cuddly.  My heart skipped a beat holding him, he was as light as a feather.  This newborn session was completed in record time because we did not take one break to feed, soothe or calm him.  He was truly amazing and such a sweet little peanut.  I have photographed him since, so stay tuned for a much bigger, and more cuddly version of this baby coming to the blog soon.  

sleeping newborn seen through the crib rails

smiling newborn baby in crib

smiling, snuggly newborn baby

sleeping newborn on mother

closeup of tiny  newborn toes

new parents cuddling newborn baby

new dad holding baby boy wrapped in fox swaddle

tiny newborn baby in big crib

sleeping newborn in crib