Philadelphia Newborn Photographer | Carter

I love working in the home of a family welcoming a newborn baby.  I especially love to see the dynamic when there are siblings involved.  There is a carefully orchestrated dance that all parents quickly learn in order to keep their new baby safe from their young siblings while also trying not to make the first-born feel displaced.  It is such a delicate time for both children and the balancing act is one you will adopt quickly if you find yourself in the same situation.  In this case, Jackson was the perfect big brother, both interested in and so gentle with his new baby brother.  Carter was so alert for the entire session and endured outfit and location changes really well.  Second children are always so tolerant, it's almost like they come prepared for the fact that the world will revolve mostly, but not only, around them alone.  Enjoy these photos of sweet, tiny Carter.  I bet he is inches longer and pounds heavier by now.  Katie and Ryan, thank you for inviting me into your beautiful home and trusting me with these special moments with Carter!


West Chester Newborn Photorapher | Rory

Rory was as delightful as his big brother was about a year and a half ago.  Both several weeks early and both as sweet and sleepy as they could be.  I have learned over the years that preemies are the easiest babies to photograph.  It's as if they think they are still in the womb and just pass the hours being swaddled, fed and snuggled.  I'm sure parents of preemies might disagree with me, but for the few hours I get to spend with them, they are just heaven.


I love this moment between big brother and little brother.  They are just beginning to learn what a special person the other will be to them.


I have so many shots of this next series that I love.  Something about the perspective and remembering how a newborn can just fit right on your legs like that, as light as a feather, both squirming and content at the same time.


Witnessing the mother and child relationship is indescribable, especially at the newborn stage.  To finally see the tiny person you have carried for (almost) nine months, there in your arms is too big for words.


Jim and Kristen, thank you for sharing your beautiful new baby and your beautiful new home with me.  I just loved photographing both boys.


Lehigh Valley Newborn Photographer - Violet

This sweet baby girl was born just before all of the excitement that Fall brings.  She couldn't have been more fun to meet and photograph, since I have been friends with her mom, Karen, from playing on the Emmaus High School tennis team with her way back in the 90s!  Wow.  I also had the pleasure of shooting Karen and Phil's wedding in 2014.  I have loved being a part of all of the major milestones in their lives and little Violet is certainly no exception.  Karen and Phil, thank you for inviting me into your beautiful home to meet your lovely baby girl.  I cannot wait to see how much she has grown and I look forward to photographing her again in the future!  

black and white of newborn baby yawning

New mother holding and kissing newborn baby girl

newborn baby girl smiling

newborn baby swaddled on a bed

closeup of newborn baby swaddled in white

newborn baby feet swaddled in white cloth

new dad holding and kissing baby girl

black and white of newborn baby in mother's arms

Marlton Newborn Photographer - Baby Tess

Remember Maura?  She has a new baby sister!  I had such a great time visiting this family twice in one month.  The S family is just full of wonderful people.  Sometimes I feel like I am just going to hang out with friends when I go to work and it's people like these that make that possible.  I am so thankful for the opportunity to share in so many special moments.  I have encompassed the span of engagement, wedding, newborn and family photography with this family and I look forward to many more shoots in the future.  I hope you enjoy the images of this beautiful, new baby girl and her adorable siblings.  

newborn baby girl looking through crib bars at camera

Mother holding newborn baby girl in nursery

black and white image of mom changing new baby while big sister looks on

new baby swaddled and laying in crib

toddler boy smiling in front of his crib

little boy snuggling with lovie

family of five looking fawning over newest addition of baby girl

new family of five relaxing on sofa in black and white

mom handing new baby gently to big sister

baby swaddled in pink on big white bed next to music box

family of five cuddling on bed

big sister smooshing little toddler brother's cheeks

black and white photo of three siblings, two girls and one boy

Yardley Newborn Photographer - Callie

I met this beautiful little girl when she was only days old.  It's amazing how quickly I've forgotten how fresh, new and fragile new babies look now that my own are not newborns anymore.  I love photographing new babies and especially the relationships between them and their siblings and parents.  The images below of the entire family are my favorite.  I bet these sisters will be best friends one day.


Fort Washington Newborn Photographer - Molly

My friend and college roommate, Lauren, had a sweet little baby girl last month and I got to photograph her tiny self when she came home from the hospital, and actually, while she was in the hospital too.  As you can see, she has SO much hair and for as many newborns as I've shot, I am always amazed at how tiny a new baby can be.  I loved seeing her and she was so sweet for the entire shoot.  I can't wait to watch her get bigger as the months go by.  Congratulations Pidge and Greg!!


Phoenixville Newborn Photographer - Jacob and Emory

These sweet little twins arrived well before their due date and by the time I got to them they were just over a month old but still such newborns in their sweet, sleepy and cuddly ways.  It is so fascinating to me to see twins together, especially at the newborn stage, when they cuddle up to one another as they are just so accustomed to having done for the past nine months.  I can't imagine the lifelong bond they will share.  These tiny babies came home to their beautiful big sister, Addison, who loves and kisses them so sweetly.  I've loved watching this family grow and continue to be so thankful for the opportunity to be invited into my clients' homes again and again.