Doylestown Documentary Session - The Kinyon Family

This project is something I have wanted to do for a long time. I photograph my kids every day and also have a formal family portrait done each year. It is the images of them at home, in their natural setting, everyday clothing and doing things they routinely do that I always come back to. These are the images that really jog a memory. These images make me realize that six months ago was both so long ago and only a short time ago. Kids change so fast. Family life and activities change so fast. In our house, Friday night is movie night. The baby goes to bed at 7pm and we finish a movie with the kids and read books until they go to bed at 9pm. I have no idea what the baby will be doing in six months. Maybe bedtime will be an hour later. In five years, maybe movie night won’t be a “thing” at our house and the kids will have practice, or art class, or something I don’t even know about yet. Maybe these things seem unimportant. But they are important to me. This is life. It is flying by faster than I can process and when I put my daughter on the school bus for the first time last September, I saw a flash of this stage of life being nothing but a memory. Milestones are sobering and they make me realize that I want to remember it. All of it.

Documentary sessions are my attempt at making a time capsule for you. Package up a Saturday morning in photographs and put them in a box or on the shelf. When you pull them out in a few months or a few years, I hope you feel like these moments happened just yesterday, vibrant and preserved in your memory forever. I am so thankful to the Kinyon family for not only opening their door and their family life to me but for being the perfect documentary subjects. The kids dressed themselves, the dynamic was easy and natural and I think it made for a lovely set of images.

Katie and Ted, I hope you treasure these photographs of your beautiful family. The love and bond between you both and your children is so evident, as is their love for one another. Thank you for trusting me to capture this for you.

dad changes baby's diaper on changing table
boy drizzles syrup on pancakes
family of six eats breakfast around the kitchen table
dad holds baby girl
mom holds baby girl at kitchen table
dad holds baby's fingers
dad with two kids on the floor on Saturday morning
dad zips son's coat to get ready to go outside
dad holds son who secretly picks his nose
mom helps little boy suit up for the snow
little boy keeps baby sister company in the snow
three brothers sled down the hill together on one sled
boy drags sled up the hill in the snow
mom helps son unzip his coat in the garage
boy watches his mom shuffle deck of cards
three brothers play basketball in their room
boy helps his dad measure for kitchen remodeling
baby clutches mother's hair while nursing
mom nurses baby while looking at two sons
brother plays with baby sister in high chair
mother feeds laughing baby

Ambler Portrait Photographer - Charlie

Charlie's parents signed her up for one of my favorite projects, a baby's first year package.  I have always loved photographing newborns but watching them grow over the course of the year is just so fun to witness and capture.  Watching couples grow in their parenting journey is also a pretty neat thing to see.  Dan and Toni have a bundle of pure joy and happiness in little Charlie and ironically, they realize how lucky they are and what an easy baby she is!  She was sweet and smiley for the entire session and even as the temperatures dropped when the sun went down, she was happy to show off her all-star baby legs and toes for a few photographs.  I can't wait to see what the next six months brings.  See you in the Fall, sweet Charlie.

chubby cheeked baby being help up by dad
six month old baby girl standing in between mom and dad holding their hands
mother kissing baby girl while holding her close
mom and dad standing in wooded area while dad holds baby up and mom looks on
baby girl laughs while sitting in wooded area
six month old baby girl smiles while sitting in wooded area wearing blue headband
mom holds baby up in the air with dad standing close behind in a wooded area
baby girl lays on pink blanket in a field
baby clutches toes with her hand in a field
baby girl laughs on pink blanket looking up at camera
black and white image of baby toes up in the air
baby girl in pink blanket on the grass looking up at camera

Project 365 | March Favorites | Bucks County Photographer

I have successfully documented another month here at home.  I am still truly enjoying the process of picking up my camera each day and completely surprised by the fact hat I have not yet missed a day.  I get really excited about new things and ideas and it doesn't always last, but this time I think I am seeing the results of putting in the time and effort to really practice and make new work in a different setting than I am used to, and it has motivated me to keep going and see what else I can "see."  I hope you enjoy these images.  I have loved watching the seasons come to life through this project and when viewed all at once, it can really give a sense of time and change.  You will also see that my children love looking out the window for our resident groundhog.

Little girl looking at reflection
boy with hand outstretched eating salt
boy on tiptoes laughing at dad in driver's seat of car
little girl blowing dandelion
baby toes and legs sitting in chair
boy looking out window with maui hook
little boy having a snack on windowsill
little girl closes window while little brother looks up at her

Haverford College Family Session - Finn and Milo

I've been photographing this family since Emily and Ethan tied the knot in 2011.  They have since incorporated Emily's lovely parents into their sessions after adding two beautiful twin boys to their family. 

I say this a lot, but it is truly a pleasure to photograph this family each year and I am touched by the way that they value my work as art and express that to me year after year.  I feel a great connection with Emily and her parents and family and I think it is because they have just opened themselves up completely to me and to my lens during our session.  They are not wearing any masks and make no apologies for the chaos that accompanies two toddlers (a chaos with which I am already on a first name basis with at home.)  We've created images that are real and true and that reflect parenthood, childhood and grand-parenthood.

Creating images that capture the reality of your life is truly my purpose during a session and what I feel is the gift I have to share with you.  For you, I capture the images you might think you are looking for, the ones that tell your friends, and maybe even yourself that you've got it all together.  We all need those shots!   But for me, I capture the tufty hair, the chubby fingers, the playfulness and the joy of being a two year old.  I hope those become the images that you want too, if not now, down the road.  To all of the wonderful people in these photographs, thank you for letting me do that.  I hope these photographs fulfill you as much as they fulfill me

Doylestown Portrait Photographer - Emily and Ethan and family

I love my repeat clients.  I feel like I say it all the time but I truly love to see my brides and grooms turn into parents and having the opportunity to meet their new little babies is just magical.  I photographed Emily and Ethan's wedding back in 2011 so it has been a few years since I've seen them all, including Emily's wonderful parents, Marjorie and Charles.  I was so excited to meet Milo and Finn, they couldn't have been any cuter, sweeter or more curious.  Ready to explore, we set out in my favorite little park, Hansell Park and captured some new memories for this sweet family.  If you are considering which time of year is best for portraits, these were summer photos and i think they turned out just beautifully!  If you can stand the heat, the summer has some exceptional light and greenery to offer. Bosk_Schoolman007


Now that I have a 15 month old boy, I know this adorable, mischievous look all too well.  In my house it is usually followed by something terribly naughty, like grabbing a spatula from the kitchen drawer and beelining it to the nearest house plant to dig up all of the potting soil I just re-added.  In this case I think he just took off and ran if I remember correctly.  Not so naughty.







Dirt!  The boys loved this path and they were completely lost in the  moment digging around and muddying themselves up a bit.







This was my favorite spot with the tree and the beautiful sunlight coming through.  I love all of the images we got in this particular spot but this was just a sweet moment between a dad and his son.




I love this shot of Marjorie and Charles.  Over the few times I had met them, their relationship struck me as being so quiet, nurturing and loving.  They seemed to have a deep understanding of one another.  It was beautiful to witness.