Jonathan Edwards Winery Wedding - Sara and Jerry

I’ve been to some really beautiful places for destination weddings and part of the fun and excitement of being a wedding photographer is the opportunity to travel. I had never been to Connecticut before but as soon as I arrived at my Airbnb in Stonington, I was in love with New England charm. I woke early on the day of the wedding to drive into town and take it all in. I ran along the water where men fished, I passed cedar shake houses and driveways with a patch of grass mowed neatly down the middle. I turned down cobblestone sidewalks and saw the American flag proudly displayed in a multitude of ways. In every direction there was beauty to behold and I only wished I had more time to experience it.

Sara and Jerry were married at Jonathan Edwards Winery and we were so fortunate to have the perfect Fall day, amidst these sweltering heat waves we’ve been experiencing. The vineyard shuts down around 4pm at which point they had the entire property to themselves. I’ve worked with this family so many times and each wedding is as wonderful as the last. Great venues and perfect weather are nice, but when I am excited to see the people AT the wedding, that is when magic really happens. I am excited to share these images with you, I hope you can feel the emotions that were felt on this wedding day and I hope this couple is enjoying many more days of relaxation in Africa.

A bride gets her makeup done on her wedding day.
A bride laughs at her bridesmaid while getting ready.
A groom straightens his bowtie.
The bridal party raises a glass while getting ready for the wedding.
Girl holds veil while she waits for the bride.
Groomsman youtube how to tie a bowtie.
Silhouette of bride with curls and veil
A father sees his daughter for the first time as a bride.
Father and daughter wait to walk down the aisle for the wedding.
Everyone dotes on the bride before it is time to walk down the aisle.
Bride and groom are just announced as mr. and mrs.
The couples makes their exit out of the church.
A bride's veil blows in the wind outside the church.
Bride and groom pose at Jonathan Edwards Winery
Bride laughs with groom at Jonathan Edwards Winery.
Black and white of bride on her wedding day.
Groom stands in front of wine barrels on his wedding day.
Bride and groom stand in wine vineyard.
Groomsmen stand together and laugh.
Bride hugs young guest after she hands her a note.
Groom twirls bride during first dance.
Guys lift bride up on chair at reception.
Wedding guests dance to the song shout.
Night shot of the tent at Jonathan Edwards winery.