Beth and Adam

Beth and Adam are getting married in September at the Jersey shore.  I know this wedding is going to be beautiful because Beth has been keeping me up to date with her planning and decisions.  I've seen the bridesmaids dresses, the venue, the SHOES (exquisite), and the linens until it was decided that they just wouldn't work.  The engagement session turned into a bit of a planning session which is always fun.  I love hearing all the details about what the bride is thinking and how she is envisioning her wedding.  Then when I finally see it on the wedding day it is just amazing to see how a vision is turned into a reality.  

The planning session even turned into dinner which was delicious AND fun.  It was a great day and I had a fantastic time with Beth and Adam.  
We started out in Asbury Park and on the beach by the boardwalk there.  Here are a few of my favorites.
The wedding is going to be held at Beth's Aunt Sally's house which is right on the beach.  It is absolutely beautiful and I am envisioning the wedding with the tented of which we took a picture on thanks to Aunt Sally's recommendation :)