Philadelphia Newborn Photographer | Carter

I love working in the home of a family welcoming a newborn baby.  I especially love to see the dynamic when there are siblings involved.  There is a carefully orchestrated dance that all parents quickly learn in order to keep their new baby safe from their young siblings while also trying not to make the first-born feel displaced.  It is such a delicate time for both children and the balancing act is one you will adopt quickly if you find yourself in the same situation.  In this case, Jackson was the perfect big brother, both interested in and so gentle with his new baby brother.  Carter was so alert for the entire session and endured outfit and location changes really well.  Second children are always so tolerant, it's almost like they come prepared for the fact that the world will revolve mostly, but not only, around them alone.  Enjoy these photos of sweet, tiny Carter.  I bet he is inches longer and pounds heavier by now.  Katie and Ryan, thank you for inviting me into your beautiful home and trusting me with these special moments with Carter!