Philadelphia Baby Photographer - Edison

This baby girl just graduated from her baby’s first year package. While I love watching these little ones grow, it saddens me to know I won’t see them as often anymore once they turn one. My husband suggested maybe I should offer a baby’s 18 year package. I actually love that idea.

One of the greatest parts of my job is developing relationships with clients, both big and small. I love babies. Like, I really, truly love them. I love holding them, swaddling them, shushing them, photographing them, and delivering beautiful galleries of images of them. It is such an honor to make these images for families because I know how fleeting each baby stage is. One of the best pieces of parenting advice I’ve gotten is to try to remember that everything is a phase. Things will get tough. Babies won’t sleep. They won’t eat. They will learn a new skill and wake up all night long just to practice it. They teethe and fuss. A lot. But whatever it is that is going on in their world, as soon as you feel like you can’t handle one more day of it, it’s over. The phase has run it’s course. The even crazier thing is that by next week you will have forgotten all about the very thing that has sent you spiraling into madness.

Babies are constantly evolving. Having the opportunity to grab these frames and savor these tiny moments is so fulfilling for me. I hope these galleries are as gratifying for the parents. Twelve months have passed in the blink of an eye. Or maybe it felt more like a century. Either way, you made it. You are already one year into your hardest and most rewarding job yet and that is reason to celebrate!

baby walks on cobblestone holding mom and dad's hands
baby girl with white bow walks down streets of Philadelphia
one year old baby girl walks holding mom's hand
baby girl peeks over her shoulder at the camera
baby girl takes first steps looking very proud
baby girl sits stoically on the street in Philadelphia
mom and dad dote on baby girl in Philadelphia
mother kisses daughter while father holds her
mom and dad laugh at baby girl in Philadelphia
baby girl looks happy as mom kisses her head
dad nuzzles one year old baby girl