Doylestown Documentary Session - The Kinyon Family

This project is something I have wanted to do for a long time. I photograph my kids every day and also have a formal family portrait done each year. It is the images of them at home, in their natural setting, everyday clothing and doing things they routinely do that I always come back to. These are the images that really jog a memory. These images make me realize that six months ago was both so long ago and only a short time ago. Kids change so fast. Family life and activities change so fast. In our house, Friday night is movie night. The baby goes to bed at 7pm and we finish a movie with the kids and read books until they go to bed at 9pm. I have no idea what the baby will be doing in six months. Maybe bedtime will be an hour later. In five years, maybe movie night won’t be a “thing” at our house and the kids will have practice, or art class, or something I don’t even know about yet. Maybe these things seem unimportant. But they are important to me. This is life. It is flying by faster than I can process and when I put my daughter on the school bus for the first time last September, I saw a flash of this stage of life being nothing but a memory. Milestones are sobering and they make me realize that I want to remember it. All of it.

Documentary sessions are my attempt at making a time capsule for you. Package up a Saturday morning in photographs and put them in a box or on the shelf. When you pull them out in a few months or a few years, I hope you feel like these moments happened just yesterday, vibrant and preserved in your memory forever. I am so thankful to the Kinyon family for not only opening their door and their family life to me but for being the perfect documentary subjects. The kids dressed themselves, the dynamic was easy and natural and I think it made for a lovely set of images.

Katie and Ted, I hope you treasure these photographs of your beautiful family. The love and bond between you both and your children is so evident, as is their love for one another. Thank you for trusting me to capture this for you.

dad changes baby's diaper on changing table
boy drizzles syrup on pancakes
family of six eats breakfast around the kitchen table
dad holds baby girl
mom holds baby girl at kitchen table
dad holds baby's fingers
dad with two kids on the floor on Saturday morning
dad zips son's coat to get ready to go outside
dad holds son who secretly picks his nose
mom helps little boy suit up for the snow
little boy keeps baby sister company in the snow
three brothers sled down the hill together on one sled
boy drags sled up the hill in the snow
mom helps son unzip his coat in the garage
boy watches his mom shuffle deck of cards
three brothers play basketball in their room
boy helps his dad measure for kitchen remodeling
baby clutches mother's hair while nursing
mom nurses baby while looking at two sons
brother plays with baby sister in high chair
mother feeds laughing baby