Ambler Portrait Photographer - Charlie

Charlie's parents signed her up for one of my favorite projects, a baby's first year package.  I have always loved photographing newborns but watching them grow over the course of the year is just so fun to witness and capture.  Watching couples grow in their parenting journey is also a pretty neat thing to see.  Dan and Toni have a bundle of pure joy and happiness in little Charlie and ironically, they realize how lucky they are and what an easy baby she is!  She was sweet and smiley for the entire session and even as the temperatures dropped when the sun went down, she was happy to show off her all-star baby legs and toes for a few photographs.  I can't wait to see what the next six months brings.  See you in the Fall, sweet Charlie.

chubby cheeked baby being help up by dad
six month old baby girl standing in between mom and dad holding their hands
mother kissing baby girl while holding her close
mom and dad standing in wooded area while dad holds baby up and mom looks on
baby girl laughs while sitting in wooded area
six month old baby girl smiles while sitting in wooded area wearing blue headband
mom holds baby up in the air with dad standing close behind in a wooded area
baby girl lays on pink blanket in a field
baby clutches toes with her hand in a field
baby girl laughs on pink blanket looking up at camera
black and white image of baby toes up in the air
baby girl in pink blanket on the grass looking up at camera

Yardley Newborn Photographer - Callie

I met this beautiful little girl when she was only days old.  It's amazing how quickly I've forgotten how fresh, new and fragile new babies look now that my own are not newborns anymore.  I love photographing new babies and especially the relationships between them and their siblings and parents.  The images below of the entire family are my favorite.  I bet these sisters will be best friends one day.


Bucks County Newborn Photographer - Baby Reese

I traveled to Quakertown earlier this month to photograph sweet little Reese.  I always tell my clients that newborn sessions can take longer than other sessions because we have to account for time to soothe and feed the babies when they need it.  Well, Reese just didn't need it.  She was so agreeable from start to finish and made my job so easy.  There were lots of little yawns, sneezes and even a few grins.  I hope my former tennis teammate, Jan, and her husband, Mike, are pleased with these :)  It was so great to connect with you guys and thank you for inviting me into your home to capture such a special time!