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Thank you so much for the beautiful photographs from our wedding day. 

They are exactly what we wanted and more.  You perfectly captured our day.  We love the candid shots during our cocktail hour and I absolutely adore the photograph of me hugging John’s grandmother after the wedding ceremony.  I didn’t even realize you were there.  We look forward to cherishing these images in the years to come.

– Lindsay & John


these are just absolutely amazing.

Thank you so very much for capturing us as we are! We will treasure these always. Being with you is such a delight and we so appreciate the opportunity.

– Emily & Ethan


Thank you from the bottom of our hearts.

We feel like we got more than what we expected. We poured through the images last night and were blown away (tears and laughs). The lighting is exceptional. We are infinitely grateful.

– Heather & Spencer

Olivera Review

i can’t describe how blown away by these photos we are.

Jon and I went through the album for the first time on Friday night and we had to stop three times because he was crying so hard. Everyone I shared them with just kept talking about how talented you are and how you managed to capture both the beauty of the day as well as the emotions that were felt. I just can't stop looking at them. Thank you, thank you for everything!!

– Jennifer & Jon

Thank you for the amazing photos from our wedding

Your images are absolutely gorgeous and I get swept up in the memories of the day each time I look at them. Thank you for capturing more than we could have ever hoped for.  You've got an incredible eye!

– Jennifer & Jon

i am just overcome with emotion

looking at these pictures. You perfectly captured everything exactly as I had envisioned. I really can't thank you enough!! 

– Liz & Danny

i am in love all over again looking at the photos

You truly have an exceptional talent which we are so thankful for. We love all of the photos, thank you so much!

– Lauren & Greg

These are amazing (as always)

but truly, truly amazing. You put the biggest smile on my face today. I always love how you capture our kids but even more so, their personalities. We can’t wait for next year!

– Katie & Ryan

thank you so much.

These are truly amazing and so, so beautiful, and they capture Edison’s energy perfectly. I want to frame every single one. We’re already looking forward to seeing you again in June.

– Sara & Doug

oh. my. goodness.

Your pictures always amaze me!  For all of her running away and the cold weather, I can’t believe how gorgeous the pictures are! You’re amazing, I’m so glad we found you.

– Toni & Dan