Philadelphia Newborn Photographer - Baby Finn

Lindsay is a friend and fellow photographer and I have had the privilege of photographing both of her babies after they were born. We have also been blessed by her beautiful talent with lovely family photos of our family in our home. Her boys are so sweet and the light in their home is so beautiful, it made my job easy, with an added bonus was shooting in her home studio. Since we both had babies within a few months of each other, there is always a lot of mom-talk to catch up on. Sleep schedules, feeding schedules and so many other important topics that only mothers of newborns can discuss endlessly. Lindsay, I have enjoyed your boys over the past few years but I have enjoyed your friendship even more. You have a beautiful family.

Father and sons in nursery
Dad lifts son in the air to his delight
Family photo with 2 sons on bed
Mother holding newborn and smiling at older son
Toddler gives new baby brother a kiss on his forehead
New brothers lay on the bed together
toddler smiles at new baby brother
newborn baby boy stretches out on bed
Mother nuzzles newborn baby boy
mother and newborn baby boy smiling
Katie Baab