Tinicum Park Engagement Session | Heather & Spencer

I love finding new places to explore in Bucks County.  I have lived here going on six years and there is still so much of this beautiful area that I have not seen.  Tinicum Park was one of these places and I am so happy that Heather and Spencer introduced me to it.  The weather and light could not have been more amazing and when we were about to wrap, the sun broke through the clouds in such a way that I felt like I was in a massive, outdoor studio with the perfect lighting.  It was truly breathtaking.

Heather and Spencer have one of the more interesting stories I have heard from a couple who met online.  So many of my couples do meet online but the funny thing about this story is that even though they lived miles apart, Heather had seen Spencer at a Home Depot well before they even met virtually and he caught her eye.  She spotted him on a snowbank outside the store while she waited, sick, in the car for her mom to come out.  He caught her eye and then, if I remember the story correctly, he fell down the snowbank and she lost sight of him.  I thought it was so interesting that their paths had "crossed" coincidentally long before they found one another.  They say timing is everything but the universe definitely seemed to present them with more than one opportunity to meet.  I wonder how many other people that has happened to without them even being aware of it.  Don't you wish there was some kind of log book you could look at and review the different "coincidences" and fateful moments that happened in your life?

These two will tie the knot in March at the beautiful and intimate Golden Pheasant Inn.   Heather and Spencer, I can't wait to see your vision come to life.  See you in a few months!


Doylestown Wedding Photographer - Aldie Mansion

I met Casey and Dan on their wedding day which meant I really had no idea what to expect.  I couldn't have been more pleased to find such kind and happy people.  Casey was so sweet and her entire family had me laughing all day.  While it rained for the entire day, and if it stopped we didn't notice, she beamed from ear to ear in spite of it.  I loved their attitude and upbeat nature.  It was a pleasure working with such a fun group and it was an added bonus that it was as close to home as I've ever worked, ten minutes!  I hope you enjoy the photos, I think we made the absolute best of a rainy day and I'm so thankful Casey and Dan were willing to brave the rain for some umbrella photos.  I always love the way they turn out.