Back in Business

It's a great feeling to be "re-employed".  I tend to have the first 2 months of each year off which, don't get me wrong, is fantastic.  But I always feel a little unproductive by the time February rolls around and this year is no different.  Even with all my wedding planning this year, I still had the feeling that I should be shooting more.  It was an absolute pleasure to have some shoots this February and now that it's March 1, I figure I should post them!  Here is 1 of 2 : Carolyn and Erik's engagement session.

I've known Carolyn and Erik for several months so I knew their engagement session would be relaxed and fun.  I had no idea that Carolyn had some creative props in store!  Those pictures will be excluded since she wants to use them for a save-the-date but trust that they were pretty clever and took more time to make than any props I've seen previously :)

We trekked around Williamsburg and found some great spots despite the sub-zero temperatures (at least that's what it felt like!).  It was SO windy and we were all freezing but hopefully that doesn't show in the photos!  These are some of my favorites.