Central Park Engagement Session - Mike and Kristen

I met Mike in ninth grade Spanish class and really got to know him over the summer when we both taught tennis at a club in Allentown, where I grew up.  I was so thrilled to learn that he had met a girl as lovely as Kristen and that they wanted me to photograph their wedding.  They live in New York City and wanted to have their engagement session done in Central Park, where they got engaged.  I always love going into New York to shoot, the city provides such an electric backdrop for images and it's easy to see things in a fresh new way because nothing stays the same in New York for very long.  It was a surprisingly cold Fall day but the sun was shining and I think the images convey the bright, fun time we had exploring the park and ending up at the spot where it all began, Conservatory Water.  I hope you enjoy these few favorites!  

girl in red coat and fiance in central park

black and white of engageed couple snuggling at Shakespeare's Castle in Central Park

girl in red coat and fiance in central parkgirl being dipped while dancing in central park in front of a fountain

engaged couple on picnic blanket in central park

girl laughing with fiance in front of new york city skyline in central park

engaged couple laughing by Bethesda fountain in central park

couple standing together under bethesda terrace

couple hugging at conservatory water in central park in new york city


A Bucks County Proposal - Shawn and Amy at Crossing Vineyards

The past two weeks have presented me with a full-circle moment after photographing a proposal, an engagement, a wedding and a newborn session.  I had to laugh when I realized I photographed each stage of a couple's lives over the course of a few days.  I love photographing all of these special moments and occasions but I have to say, I was most nervous for the proposal.  My heart was beating out of my chest while I waited for the exciting moment to happen.  Meet Shawn, a sweet and thoughtful guy who went to great lengths to make sure his girlfriend, Amy,  was surprised, delighted and overcome with emotion by his adorable, thoughtful and thoroughly well-planned proposal.  Shawn even arranged for the special moment to be photographed so that they can share these images with family and friends and remember the moment they took the next, and possibly biggest, step in their relationship, forever.  It's no surprise that Amy said yes.  Enjoy these images of their special evening unfolding at Crossing Vineyards Winery in Washington Crossing, PA. Dog surprises girl with boyfriend's proposalAfter Shawn and Amy had a wine tasting and toured the vineyards at the winery, Shawn led Amy down to an open lawn where there was a table set for two with a bottle of champagne.  He had friends bring their dog, Oliver, with a sign around his neck to run out and surprise Amy so Shawn could pop the question.  On cue, Oliver ran out of the little porch where he was waiting and Amy looked shocked and surprised as she figured out what was happening.

Man surprises his girlfriend with proposal at winery

Couple embraces after he surrprises her with proposal

Man gets down on one knee for surprise proposal

Newly engaged girl looks at new ring while fiance is down on one knee

emotional man hugs his new fiance

emotional man hugs his new fiance

Once they had a chance to enjoy the moment and make the requisite phone call to Amy's parents, we walked around the winery for a few photos with Amy and Shawn, a true engagement session!

black and white of newly engaged couple looking at new engagement ring

newly engaged couple smiles for the camera

newly engaged couple smiles for the camera

engaged couple cheers wine glasses at crossing vineyards winery

newly engaged couple embrace at crossing vineyards winery

engaged couple sit at crossing vineyards winery in an embrace

Shawn, thank you so much for including me in this exciting evening.  I enjoyed every moment capturing the emotion and excitement you both shared.  Now it's time for the fun part, enjoy the wedding planning!  Best wishes to you both for a beautiful marriage and wedding day.

Lambertville Engagement Session

Janelle and Sean's wedding is coming up in a few short weeks so I thought it would be a good time to share some photos from their engagement shoot.  They chose beautiful Lambertville, NJ for their photos and I think it worked out beautifully.  It is such a quaint little town filled with antique shops and cafe's.  It's the perfect place for a date or a shoot.  It is so conveniently located on the Delaware River that we were able to wander over the bridge to New Hope for a few shots there too.



I love the muted colors of many of the buildings in Lambertville.  They provide the perfect, soft backdrop for a simple portrait that doesn't distract from the subject.



I can tell that Janelle and Sean are the type of couple that put one another at ease and while they may seem shy at first, I can see that they totally connect and feel completely themselves around each other.  What a great treasure to find in a partner.


Lambertville-engagement-03 Lambertville-engagement-04

Another reason I love Lambertville is for the towpath which runs right through it.  It is a great, green backdrop with a country feel away from the, dare I say, "hustle" of the city.  While Lambertville may be a quiet city, it still lends a downtown vibe and the towpath offers the exact opposite of that.  I always love locations that can show a bit of diversity so that every image doesn't feel the same.



This lovely street in New Hope offers a lot of pretty and delicious restaurants and it also turned into a great spot for some evening sunset light.



Thanks for coming to my neck of the woods, guys!  I had a great time with you and I'm anxiously awaiting May 28!



New York City Engagement - Bridget and Ed

I was so happy to finally "meet" Bridget and Ed in New York for their engagement session a few weeks ago.  Bridget and I went to the University of Delaware together and share a mutual friend so while we had met before, now I finally got a real chance to get to know both her and Ed.  They are both wonderful people and while I might be most excited that they are honeymooning in Thailand (!), I am equally excited for their beach wedding coming up in just a few short months.  They have some unique and fun photo locations planned and I know it will be a great day shooting.  Can't wait to see you guys soon and thank you for an excuse to spend time in the city that I miss so much!


Ocean City New Jersey Engagement Photographer - Cyndi and Ryan

I met Cyndi and Ryan on the boardwalk in Ocean City, New Jersey.  OCNJ is a special place for them because they vacation there each year with Cyndi's family.  It was special for me too as I grew up going there with my family.  I always love going back to the boardwalk and making the usual stops at Shriver's, Manco and Manco's Pizza, Kohr Bros., etc.  I could eat for hours on that boardwalk.  This was actually the first time I had done an engagement shoot on the boardwalk so it was fun to look at things in a new light.  Cyndi and Ryan wanted to start at Wonderland, which I thought was a great idea.  We spent some time walking down the boardwalk and hit the beach for a beautiful sunset.  I was really happy with the color and vibrancy of these photos, I think it really capture the feel of the boardwalk in the summer.  Cyndi and Ryan, I hope you like them too!


Philadelphia Engagement Photographer - Doug and Sara

It is a freezing cold day here in Pennsylvania so I'm sharing some warm weather photos from a few months ago.  Sara and Doug will be getting married this summer at Villanova with their reception at The Downtown Club in Philadelphia.  They are a sweet couple and don't they just look like the perfect match?  I had a great time photographing them around the city.  They are both sweet, kind and easygoing which makes my job so easy.  I can't wait to see you guys as bride and groom!

West Village Engagement - Kathryn and Will

Kathryn and Will agreed to meet me at 8am (gasp) on a Sunday morning.  I was thrilled with the early sun and the photos turned out to be some of my favorite engagement photos yet.  I always love shooting in the West Village because of the variety of backdrops available.  I loved the simplicity of Kathryn's outfit and both Kathryn and Will had fun with the shoot, which, at 8am, was way more than I could have asked for!  I was actually surprised at how many people were out and about by the time we were finished.  I definitely wanted to crawl back in bed :) 


Central Park - Michelle and Jimmy

I always love wandering around Central Park close to sunset shooting engagement photos.  It's a peaceful break from the bustling streets of New York and there is a sense of tranquility in the park which isn't easy to find in New York City.  I always wished I lived closer to Central Park while in the city so I could visit more easily and go running there.  There is always a lot of activity and a lot of exercise going on.  Sometimes I need the inspiration.  Much like the park, Michelle and Jimmy seem to have a peaceful and easy relationship with one another.  They are both very sweet and soft-spoken and it was just relaxing being around them.  I know their wedding will have the same vibe and I'm really looking forward to it!