The Par-tay

My girls whisked me back to NYC after the beautiful shower in PA.  This was a surprise so I was so excited to be going home and OUT with my best friends.  Some of them haven't been to New York in over a decade so it was especially exciting to go out with them!  

The night started off in the hotel room where the girls had "decorated nicely".  My favorite cupcakes awaited me from Sugar Sweet Sunshine, the absolute best cupcake bakery in the city hands down.  We had champagne there for awhile and then ventured out into the city for dinner at a place called Bhatti.  Indian is by far my favorite cuisine and this was a new place in Curry Hill that I hadn't been to.  Dinner was so much fun and after a few bottles of wine there, we went to a champagne bar which was my favorite spot of the night.  I wish I could remember the name :(  We ended the night with some dancing on the Lower East Side but there won't be many pictures from there :)
Thank you so much to my amazing friends for such a wonderful day and evening!