My Bridal Shower and Bachelorette!

A few weeks ago, my bridesmaids and family threw me the most beautiful bridal shower I have ever experienced.  I haven't been to many but I can safely say that no detail went unplanned for and the day could not have been more perfectly planned and executed.  The girls did such a good job coordinating (some of them had never met until the day of) and keeping everything a surprise that by the time the day of the shower came, I was going crazy with anticipation.  I had been trying to decode all of the secret phone calls my mom was taking and trying to get information out of my tight-lipped bridesmaids.  In the end, I'm glad everything was a surprise.  It made it that much more special.

First check out the CAKE.  This was the most amazing cake I have ever seen.  It was a big shoe box with a beautiful icing and rhinestone shoe on top.  I couldn't get enough of it.
They chose to have the shower at the 1803 House which is actually a museum in our town.  They rarely open it up for events and this was the very first bridal shower they ever hosted.  As you can see from the photo, it is a beautiful old stone house and it was the perfect location for the occasion.  The girls organized a brunch which I thought was a great and unique idea.  Everyone made quiches and brought muffins, salads, fruit, potatoes, and LOTS of other stuff.  There was SO much food (note the chocolate covered strawberries made by my Uncle Jim!).  The favors were those adorable wedding cake shortbread cookies.  They were not only beautiful but incredibly delicious.  Thanks to Amylooz for supplying the favors!  Check her out, she can ship anywhere!  I had wanted to use these cookies for wedding favors, can I still do that?  I thought we could do a New York taxi or something to bring a little taste of home to Pennsylvania.
The gold handbag above was a gift that my mom passed down to me to use for my wedding. She always carried it on special occasions and I've always loved it.  It was a very special gift :)
Thanks to my girls for most of these pics!  Bachelorette party pics to come...