Happy New Year

Yes, I know I'm nearly 4 weeks late but in my defense, I have a wedding to plan!  We are six weeks out and things are getting crazy!  To bring everyone back up to speed, I am getting married in March at Pen Ryn Mansion and between all of the vendor meetings, menu planning, gift registering, rehearsal dinner choosing and honeymoon planning, there really isn't a whole lot of energy to focus on work!  This is not to say I haven't been working, I have.  Normally I spend January working on albums and orders and regular old catching up.  

I didn't have any weddings in January this year so I did take advantage of the time to try to tie up many of the loose ends for my wedding.  As the date approaches, I'll blog more wedding-related posts since I know you can all relate.  I have gotten so many ideas from former and future clients so thank you all so much for your help and for caring about our big day!  It really means so much.
I'll leave you with an image from our low-key New Year's Eve celebration.  We enjoyed New Year's with friends in our apartment.  Living in New York City, it can be more stress than it's worth to try to find a restaurant, bar, club, etc. on New Year's so we decided to cook and enjoy the company of our friends instead.  It was much more tolerable this year than previous years when we have done the whole "going out" thing.  Here is Jeff at midnight :)