Kim and Aaron

Kim and Aaron came all the way from Pittsburgh for their engagement session so when the forecast showed rain showers ALL weekend I knew we'd have to be creative since rescheduling wasn't really an option.  We started under a covered bridge and then headed into Bethlehem which actually lent us many indoor locations which we had fun with.  It was Kim's idea to go into the Moravian Bookshop and I'm so glad we did, we found so many props to use and thankfully got a lot of pictures before we found out they didn't allow photographs....oops.

They had thought about their hobbies and how they might incorporate them into the shoot but decided that what they did best was eat and drink.  Living in New York City and being totally able to relate to this, I thought it would be fun to get lunch at the Brew Works and take some pictures.  I love Kim's face in the first shot.  
Aaron and Kim, I had so much fun on Saturday.  Thanks for being totally willing and in good spirits despite the weather!!