Ally and Don

I can't begin to show you all of the details I loved at Ally and Don's wedding.  It doesn't hurt that they are event planners and planned their own wedding, I'm talking every last detail.  I felt like I was at one of those weddings you always see in magazines but never actually get the opportunity to attend.  It was fantastic.  All of the girls wore white, in fact all of the guests did too!  It was a "light wedding"  and the invitation even specified that the guests wear light colors. What a great idea for an end of summer, start of fall wedding.  My favorites were of the girls and of course...the orange truck!

Also note the first "official" family photo!!
They had an open-air dance floor which I loved with lights strung all around which added great ambient light for photos.  I was so glad to be a part of this day.  You could feel how much time energy and love they put into making their wedding such a special and memorable event for everyone involved.
I was about to publish this post until I realized I hadn't included the best part....FIREWORKS!  (AND, Ally's mom dancing with her sisters).
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