New Hope Wedding Photographer | Jennifer and John

A stone farmhouse, orchids, fireworks, thunderstorms, donuts.  I knew I would have to prepare myself for the beauty of this stunning, at-home wedding.  If I told you how quickly this wedding was planned you would not believe me.  I met and booked with Jennifer just a few short months ago and this wedding was like a gift that fell into my lap from our very first interaction.  I don't meet too many couples anymore, with many folks opting to book over email or a phone call.  Having coffee with Jen and hearing about the details of John's and her day felt like getting together with an old friend.  Add to that all of the perfect decisions they made about the wedding; the sailcloth tent, her delicate lace dress and the beautifully manicured gardens at the house, getting dressed at the Woolverton Inn in Stockton, and the fact that the wedding took place on a gorgeous property right around the corner from my own home, it was perfection. 

The threat of thunderstorms may have dampened the mood a bit in the morning but I was thankful that John refused to get married anywhere but on the lawn, as planned.  I quietly love when a couple shares my vision for an outdoor ceremony, no exceptions.  Everyone was prepared with umbrellas but I think John and Mother Nature had a serious and threatening conversation and she actually conceded as the skies cleared right around 6pm, ceremony time.  What a gift.  The rains poured down later in the evening but glowing tent was so cozy and inviting that no one seemed to notice. 

If I could shoot this wedding three times over I would.  I truly enjoyed every minute of it.  Sage did a fabulous job with the catering and The Living Earth did a tremendous job making the flowers unique and beautiful.  By 11pm I had fallen in love my with my job all over again.

bridal bouquet on couch at the Woolverton Inn in New Hope
bride checking the weather on her phone
woman holds flower girl dress and purse
Mother of the bride looks out window
Pink bridal shoes on dark blue couch
Bride embraces mother on wedding day before getting into her gown
Bride gets dressed at the Woolverton Inn in Stockton, NJ
Backlit image of bride getting dressed while mother helps.
Bride looking excited while getting into her wedding gown
Portrait of bride at Woolverton Inn
bride looks at flower girl while posing for a photo, bridal bouquet also pictured
Bride holds onto veil while smiling in front of the Woolverton Inn in Stockton
Property with sailcloth tent set up for a wedding with grey skies
Groom looks at his watch while getting ready for wedding
Groom and stepmother share a glance before wedding ceremony begins
Groom relaxes in living room before the cermony
Bride and her dad share a laugh as they begin their walk down the aisle
Groom wipes a tear as he sees his bride coming down the aisle
Bride gets choked up walking down the aisle being escorted by her parents
Bride gives her groom an excited look as she reaches the front of the aisle
Father of the bride shakes grooms hand as bride looks on
Wedding ceremony at home
groom tucks hair behind bride's ear as her veil blows in the wind
Bride and groom share wedding vows at outdoor cermony
Bride laughs during wedding vow exchange
Stone springhouse alongside bride and groom sharing an embrace at the end of the wedding ceremony
Groom shares a laugh with his mother
Bride and groom embrace under clear umbrella
bride and groom walk away from camera under clear umbrella, looking at one another
Bride grins at groom during first dance
bride and groom share first dance under a tent
Newlyweds lift their glasses after wedding toast
Friends greet the bride on her wedding day with enthusiasm
Sailcloth tent with twinkle lights and a pink sunset
Father of the bride dances with his daughter
Bride shares a dance with her dad
Groom shares a dance with his mother
Mother and son dance at his wedding
Two girls get down on the dance floor
Sailcloth tent lit at night against a dark sky
bride and groom watch fireworks with excitement
Bride and groom react to fireworks with excitement
Katie Baab