Project 365 | July Favorites | Bucks County Photographer

Seven months into this project and I am tiring, just a little.  I am still making pictures every day but I think I am excited for the seasons to change, and the opportunity to shoot on a new backdrop.  C'mon, Mother Nature, I'm counting on you.  For now, here is my collection from July.  We watched fireworks, spent the day in NYC, canvased playgrounds, splashed in creeks and pools, danced, explored and tried to pilfer fruit.  Another summer month is in the books, so to speak.  What keeps me invigorated about this project is imagining these images in an actual book that we will page through and pull memories out of whenever we like.  So here's to the last few weeks of Summer and all of the boundless energy we've yet to expend, making use of each and every hour of daylight she has to offer.

toddler boy holding blue object backlit by the sun
Father holdingn two children standing in front of fireworks display
silhouette of father and daughter doing a puzzle together
boy and girl sitting in double stroller eating a soft pretzel in NYC
3 year old girl playing with play doh at table in front of window
black and white photo of toddler girl and boy sitting on their bikes looking over their shoulder at the camera
black and white photo of girl hanging on a bar at the playground
little girl relaxes on bench with eyes closed at sesame place
3 year old lays on bed daydreaming and looking at ceiling
4 year old lays sideways on bed covering her face
toddler brother and sister sit on park bench with baby doll drinking from sippy cups
girl kneels at window observing the fog
4 year old plays with princess figurines by window while wearing a crown
4 year old stands underneath playground while light creates a patter on her dress and face
Little boy runs towards camera yielding a sword while wearing a diaper
2 year old boy sits in a creek while the water ripples around him creating circles
little boy's face lit by morning light through the window while the rest of the room is in shadows
black and white of toddler girl in dress standing by window
little girl dances in ballerina dress in the kitchen
little girl has playground all to herself
little boy flies superman figure overhead while wearing superman shirt
black and white of two kids in the baby pool
4 year old splashing in the pool
toddler brother and sister hug in the light and shadows of the blinds
girl dances with grandmother in her bedroom
blur of boy running through living room
shadow of little girl behind curtain
2 year old tries to pilfer a strawberry at a farm market
girl balances on parking curb at sundown
Katie Baab