Wayne Family Photographer | The Thomas Family

I have been photographing the Thomas family since before they became a family.  Natasha and Deane hired me to shoot their engagement session many years ago while we were all living in New York and it feels like we have been scheduling sessions ever since.  I have photographed each newborn baby boy and the entire family twice yearly for as long as I can remember.  It has been an absolute joy watching this family grow, change, move to another state, add more babies and journey through life together. 

Each year the boys seem a little older to me, but I am especially reminded of why I became a photographer when I see my images of them on their walls and in frames throughout their home.  Seeing a photo in the foyer from their oldest son Severin's newborn session makes me feel like it was ages ago that I was photographing him as a tiny baby and I am reminded that these memories have a way of just slipping through our fingers to make more room for present moments.  Thank goodness for photographs and the people who trust me to make them!  Thank you, Natasha and Deane for so many wonderful memories and I am looking forward to many more!  I love how "real" these sessions have become capturing the beauty, love and choas that is life.

Young mother surrounded by four sons
Family of six showing off their muscles
Mother, father and four young boys pose for picture
two boys run away from camera into field
little boy sits at the bottom or slide smiling
father with four sons in soccer goal hugging
black and white of boy putting grass on brother's head
mom and dad snuggling baby
mom wipes son's nose
little boy holds mom's hands and laughs
youngest brother gets pushed in red car by oldest brother
boy walks away from camera holding mom's hand
Katie Baab