Brandywine Creek State Park Family Portrait | The Burkhardt Family

The Burkhardts introduced me to Brandywine Creek State Park last month.  How lucky are they to have this 900+ acre park as their backyard playground?  The location where we shot their session allows you to see Mother Earth, undisturbed, for miles in any direction.  It was the kind of place that made me feel small, and I can imagine children getting lost in their own imaginations there for hours, letting the park quench their thirst for adventure and exploration.  After asking me for a shooting location, I have to thank Heather and her family for coming up with their own idea, far better than what I had offered since it is so meaningful to them. 

I loved working with these sweet kids, each with their own distinct personality.  It is amazing how much I can learn about a child in an hour, especially in the company of their siblings.  Burkhardts, it was a total pleasure photographing your family and I look forward to seeing more of you in the future!

Two young brothers looking at a bug on a rock
Family portrait of family of five with mother, father, two young boys and girl in a park
Family portrait of three young children, mother and father
three siblings, one girl, in a big bear hug
little girl smiling with arm across her knees
four year old sitting cross legged on rocks
children picking flowers for mom
little girl turned back looking over shoulder while walking down the road
black and white of nine year old boy standing outside
black and white of three children standing in front of parents
family of five standing in front of white barn outside in a park setting
black and white of brothers hugging
black and white of young girl smiling with arms crossed
Katie Baab