A Fall Wedding at Knowlton Mansion

Jennifer and Mark's wedding was my last of 2011 and they have been so patient waiting for this blog post.  The truth is, there were so many photos I wanted to include that I was a little intimidated about actually gathering all of my favorites together and taking the time to prepare and post them all.   The good news is, I've finally gotten around to doing it.

Jennifer's disposition is one that makes you feel immediately comfortable, accepted and appreciated.  Upon meeting her family it was no surprise, as each experience and conversation I shared with her three brothers and her mother and father echoed the same qualities.  Mark was such a gentleman and incredibly enthusiastic about photography which is always fun for me.  He was up for and excited about all of our ideas during the portrait session of the day.
Jennifer was referred to me by one of her maids-of-honor, whose wedding I also shot so it was a lot of fun to see Rachel, in the second photo, and her husband, Tim, again. 
Jennifer is a teacher and to the delight of her students, she invited them all to be present at the ceremony.  It was so cute watching them crane their necks into the aisle to try to see what was going on at the front of the church.  After the service, they all just looked at her in awe.  It was a testament to what a good teacher she must be, all of the kids just wanted to be close to her and give her hugs!
Thanks to Joe Craig for all of your beautiful photos!