Marisa and Mike

I love weddings at the Phoenixville Foundry.  It is such a unique and grand space and from what I've overheard there, guests are always impressed by it too.  Marisa and Mike decided to have their wedding just before Thanksgiving and it is always exciting shooting a wedding around that time of year.  You can feel everyone getting excited for the holidays and the wedding is another reason for celebration.  The weather was unseasonably mild that day and it lent to a beautiful portrait session in downtown Phoenixville.  Marisa's dad was sweet enough to contact the local movie theater and put the couple's name up on the marquee!  It was one of the best personal touches I've ever seen.  

Marisa and Mike, it was great working with you.  Your families were and are wonderful and sweet and it was just such a nice day for us!  Couples like you make me really love my job :)