Gina and Gilles

Gina and Gilles spent a few short weeks in the US to plan their summer wedding next year.  They've been living in Paris for four years, if I remembered that correctly, and they have decided to celebrate their love with THREE weddings.  Can you even imagine!?  I love the idea.  It sounds super romantic and the most amazing part is that one wedding will be in Paris, one in Venezuela and one at Pen Ryn Mansion, where Jeff and I had our wedding!  The reason for all of the celebration is the fact that certain sides of the family speak only english, french, or spanish.  So there will be three weddings in three different parts of the world in three different languages. Pretty intense, huh?  I loved meeting and shooting Gina and Gilles, they were so photogenic and so incredibly sweet.  They even brought me a Paris memento, an Eiffel Tower keychain :)