Janice and Josh

We spent the fourth of July in Panama for Jeff's sister's wedding.  Janice and Josh are a perfect match from their kind and gentle spirits to their philosophies about life in general, they just seem to go together and see things from the same perspective.  It was beautiful watching them get married to each other.  The ceremony was lovely with American and Panamanian customs, complete with the signing of several documents and fingerprinting following the vows.  It was an honor to be a part of the wedding party and fun to walk down the aisle with Jeff again! 

We'd been anticipating this trip for awhile and were so excited when it was finally time to go.  Not only was it a beautiful destination but it was also a family vacation for us which meant ten days of adventure, beach time, relaxation and preparing for the wedding with Jeff's parents, siblings and Janice and Josh's friends.  It was a wonderful group to spend time with and we enjoyed getting to know more about their friends and life in Richmond.  It was a great experience and I'll post separately about our adventures outside the wedding resort.  
Josh spent a few years in Panama working for the Peace Corps and Janice made several trips to visit him while he was there.  They had even been to the resort where we stayed twice already.  It really was a beautiful location and the meaning and history that Panama has for their relationship really confirmed their reason to get married there. 
Janice and Josh hired a wonderful photographer to document their day so I got to enjoy myself for a change!  These are just a few of the off-duty shots I grabbed because I can't help myself at a wedding:)