Kate and Brett

I've received several emails about Kate's one shoulder dress since posting their preview about a week ago.  I couldn't believe how many people had contacted me needing to know who made Kate's dress.  Kate and Brett are enjoying a honeymoon in France right now so I couldn't possibly bother them to ask!  But Kate, if you're reading this, I'm sure there are many bride's out there who would love to know in the comments section :)

This wedding took place at Le Meridian Hotel.  They are in their first wedding season and the venue is just gorgeous.  It is brand new and the bridal suite was beautifully decorated, modern and bright.  Everyone really enjoyed the location, so close to City Hall.  Kate and Brett had their first look downstairs in the lobby and then we went out to Washington Square and an alley nearby.  Kate and Brett, you make such a handsome couple and I really enjoyed working with you and photographing your beautiful day.
Brett's father had prepared a really sweet slideshow to show at the reception with pictures of Brett and Kate through the years.  It was a really nice personal touch and gift to the couple.  By the end of the evening, Kate's father was serenading the crowd with his rendition of Elvis' The Wonder of You.  The crowd, and especially Kate, was loving it!  It was sweet to watch her watching him sing.  I could tell it really meant a lot to her.