Chesea and Robert Part I

Where to begin.  Chelsea and Robert are dear friends from college whom I am so lucky to have met and even luckier to have kept.  I cherish the friends I have from college because few of my relationships have lasted the test of time and distance since graduating six years ago.  It is hard enough to keep up with my local friends but when you add the element of travel and trying to coordinate busy schedules, well it's nearly impossible to give all of your friendships the nurturing they need to survive and endure.  Some people though, seem to give you just what you need when you need it.  I don't speak to Robert or Chelsea on a weekly basis or even monthly sometimes but I know when we talk or when we see each other, everything will be just as we left it, just as it should be.  I am so thankful to Robert and his family, who was my family away from home during my college years, for taking me in, feeding me home cooked meals (as picky as I was), supporting me and cheerleading for me.  

Chelsea, you were and are radiant.  You are surrounded by positive energy and you lift the spirits of all you meet.  Robert, thank you for being a friend.  You are kind, compassionate, great at tennis, which matters in my book :) and you laugh at all my jokes.  I am so glad you have found someone who brings out all of your best qualities.
I love you both and am so happy to have had the privilege to photograph your beautiful wedding.
This is part one of two because there are just too many photos that I love.