Christine and John

This might be the most picture-littered post ever.  Maybe it's time to get a slideshow feature.  I get worse and worse at editing....what the heck??  This was my last wedding of 2010 and it was just so stunning.  Not only did Christine look beautiful, but she was the sweetest, most laid back bride I've seen in a long time and it was really refreshing.  Sometimes you can just see that a couple's decision to get married just feels so right to them.  I love a relaxed bride and groom :)

My favorite spot might have been the carousel.  It was so colorful and romantic and the lighting was so pretty at dusk...or dark.  Dusk was the plan....dark is kind of what we got but it totally worked.  Cescaphe hosted an amazing party with more food than I have ever seen at a wedding, party, event, Thanksgiving, anything.  The whole party was amazing.