Andrea and Jared

Andrea and Jared's was one of those weddings that was booked only a few months in advance so I didn't have to wait long for all of the amazing things they had planned.  I have to say I was most excited for the end of the night when everyone would be surprised with the opportunity to set off a paper lantern.  My husband and I saw and did this for the first time on our honeymoon so of course I thought the idea was especially unique and creative.  The guests loved it too!  The grand finale to this beautiful, natural, farm wedding was a surprise fireworks show.  And it was AWESOME.  Each time I thought it was over, more and more fireworks started going off.  It was really an amazing end to the evening.  

Thank you Jared and Andrea for your kindness.  I felt so appreciated and included in your day!  You are a lovely couple and I wish you many years of happiness and fireworks :)