Andrea and Brian

I never post twice in one day but I just received an email from Andrea, probably the nicest email I've ever gotten, and I couldn't wait until tomorrow to post these shots from their engagement on Friday.

Not only is Andrea a beautiful girl on the outside but she is sweet and bubbly and makes you feel totally comfortable around her.  While Andrea was talking details with the venue coordinator, Brian and I chatted about college basketball and the Lakers, among other things.  Like Andrea, he is totally easy to be around and they both just make you feel good.  As a couple, Brian and Andrea are completely at ease with each other and on the same page.  There is a gentleness between them that was very special to watch (and capture!).  I can see that they have a very loving relationship and I think they are on a great path.
I loved shooting in Phoenixville and I think they scouted out fantastic spots to shoot.  I am so glad that they were as pleased as I was with the outcome :)  
I can't wait to shoot at the Phoenixville Foundry next weekend and again in November for Andrea and Brian's wedding.  We were lucky enough to get inside for some shots on Friday and the space is extraordinary!
Thank you Andrea for the lovely email and for such a nice time on Friday morning.