Melissa and Bryan

I wanted to get this post up sooner but I've been so swamped with hoilday orders I just haven't gotten to it yet.  Here are some more images from Bryan and Melissa's wedding in November.  This is the only wedding I shot in November which is nice sometimes because it feels like a treat in an otherwise not-so-busy month.  I was also excited to shoot this wedding because the venue was located on the same property as my own wedding which is coming SO fast!  I had to sneak a quick peek since it's been several months since Jeff and I had been there.  But back to Melissa and Bryan...

The timing of their wedding was fun because it was just before Thanksgiving when you start feeling the holidays coming on and everything gets a little more exciting.  Add a wedding to that and the excitement just multiplies.  My second shooter, John, and I had a great time with Melissa and Bryan.  There was so much attention to detail which always makes for some great photographs.  
I will say that Melissa sent me an email after she saw her online gallery.  I got the email on my iPhone and all I could see was the first part of the first sentence which said; "Kate, I do not like the photos".  Well as you can imagine I nearly had a heart attack until I opened the email and it said ...I LOVE them!  NOTE TO BRIDES: DON'T do this to me.  PLEASE!  I have enough anxiety as it is, all I need is a 5 second moment of thinking I screwed up the most important day of your life!  Melissa, I forgive crafty lady.