Lockridge Park Family Portraits - The M Family

Fall is normally my busiest time of the year for portraits but lately, I've been doing a lot of work during the summer and loving this season for family pictures.  It's light out later into the evening and everyone has such a carefree attitude in the summer months, anticipating the next vacation or just enjoying time off from work in the beautiful weather. 

This beautiful baby melted my heart when she reached out to me at the end of the session and let me hold her.  She even gave me kisses when she left!  She is the perfect age for portraits, interested in me enough to look in my direction, but not old enough to want to look at the back of my camera after every shot :)

I just loved the way some of these turned out, she was the perfect subject.  Thanks to her parents too for keeping her up past her bed time!


M + A

I love these little kiddos.  Some of my favorite shoots are with families who have hired me on a repeat basis and I get so excited when the kids remember me and are happy to see me, as was the case with this family.  The whole family couldn't be sweeter and every time I think the kids couldn't get any cuter, they do.  Can't wait to see you all in 2012!