Marlton Children's Photographer - Maura

I photographed Colleen and Dave's wedding back in 2009.  I have loved catching up with them as they have added two beautiful children to their family.  This is Maura and she will be five in a few short weeks.  Colleen's family has a tradition of having a portrait made of each child when they turn five and I absolutely love the idea.  A portrait of each grandchild hangs in her parents' home and now Maura's can be added to the wall.  I really loved this session.  It took me back to my photography roots.  I had a huge interest in photographing children when I first took a serious interest in photography.  I did a lot of babysitting and the children became the subjects of the majority of my high school and college work.  I forgot how much I enjoyed photographing kids as the individual subject of a portrait.  So much of my work is relational, which I love, but getting to know a five year old as an individual is something I haven't had the opportunity to do in awhile.  I loved watching Maura from behind my camera.  Colleen and Dave, you are doing a wonderful job raising a sweet, funny, whimsical and loving girl.  Thank you so much for sharing this special age with me.  See you very soon for baby #3!  I can't wait. black and white portrait of a five year old


black and white childrens portrait

five year old with stuffed bunny

five year old putting on eye shadow in her bedroom

five year old girl in front of fence in white dress

five year old dancing in the backyard in white dress

Spangler65 five year old girl in backyard with white dress


five year old running barefoot in tutu