Seville and Madrid

Seville was my favorite city of the trip.  Not necessarily because of what we did or saw there but it was just the most beautiful little city with a lot of history.  It had tiny, winding cobblestone streets that opened up into open, airy plazas with beautiful cathedrals, palm trees and charm.  We did tour a really incredible cathedral there but to be honest, it was probably one of three or four on the trip and after awhile, they all start blending together.  This one had a magnificent view from the top of the bell tower which was well work the steep trek. If anyone knows what the first photo is of, feel free to let me know :)


Last stop : Madrid.  I loved Madrid even more than Barcelona which I hear is not the norm.  I think what I appreciated about this city was the Prado and Reina Sofia museums.  They had a vast collection of Pablo Picasso at the modern art museum and that was just amazing to see in person.  We also found the Central Park of Madrid near the Prado.  It was very similar right down to the lake with row boats.  While it didn't quite compare to the NYC park, it was a beautiful respite after all of the walking we had been doing.
As a vegetarian, I was MUCH safer and happier in Madrid.  Between the patatas bravas, pimentos and champinones, I was in heaven.....or at least happy to be eating something other than, or in addition to, cheese.
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