Megan, Ken and COLE!

I managed to get away for a few days with some of my very best friends from high school to visit Megan and her family in North Carolina.  It is a new feeling when your friends start having babies.  The realization hits that in spite of the fact that you don't see each other every week, every month and sometimes only once a year, your lives keep plodding onward in such a surreal sort of way.  

After hearing about baby Cole (and Ken for that matter!) for weeks, we finally got to see his precious face and the pictures just did not do him justice.  He is the sweetest, most adorable and cuddly baby you could imagine.  Megan and Ken are so lucky to have such a sweet boy in their lives.
Megan, I can't wait to see you again soon!  Don't let Cole get any bigger until I see him one more time, k?  And Ken, what a pleasure it was to meet you.  Megan found a wonderful match in you and you are both so blessed to have one another.