Thailand : Part Deux

I figured I better get the rest of the Thailand pictures posted since the trip was over two months ago!  Wedding season has taken my life by storm but I have a little break here in the end of June so I'll use it to catch up and get my life (and my blogging) in order, in that order.  Stop number two for Jeff and me was Koh Samui, another island in Thailand where we enjoyed another week of beaches and relaxation before heading to northern Thailand to get our exploration faces on.  

We spent the first part of the week at Anantara Beach Resort in Bohput Beach which for me, was a perfect example of why I work the rest of the year.  We indulged in the spa treatments, the pool, the beach, and the nearby fisherman's village and really enjoyed ourselves.  The resort itself was breathtaking with constant groundskeepers watering the lush gardens and flowers.  The rooms were beautifully furnished and designed and the library (pictured below and mostly red) was a room I would love to model a room in our future home after.  I felt so calm and happy just sitting in it (and checking my email).
We ate most of our meals in the nearby Fisherman's Village which was within walking distance from Anantara.  The fish was always out in front of the restaurants so you could just pick out your fish and they would prepare it for you.  Needless to say, things were pretty fresh!  While the food was fantastic, we thought the pringles left a little something to be desired.
We spent the second half of the week at Lamai Beach which had quite a different scene to offer.  Personally, I probably would have been happy lounging at the beach and reading books for three weeks but of course that sounds a little ridiculous when you've spent over 15 hours on an airplane to see another side of the world.  This is where the adventures began :)  We started by renting a motor bike in Lamai to see the rest of the island and drive around for the day.  Neither one of us had driven (or ridden, for that matter) a bike before but we saw EVERYONE doing it so we figured we could figure it out pretty easily.  I'll spare you all of the boring details but I will tell you that after about 3 hours with the bike, we decided to return our day-long rental and find a bar to "cheers" our survival of the experience.  I can't say I'd be anxious to do it again anytime soon or anytime ever.  
We had some stormy weather in Lamai but in the evenings, vendors popped up in the center of town making street food and selling it for the equivalent of about $2 a plate.  We had some really great food there and overall, it was an interesting experience.  They sold all sorts of food at the night market but we stuck to the curries and noodle dishes.  Oh, and the coconut shakes : YUM.
We ended our stay with some of their ever-popular Thai boxing.  The night we went, the draw was ladies boxing.  We saw both men and women box (more like kickbox) and was an interesting experience.  I can't say I've really seen anything like it before.
One last post to come from Chiang Mai!