Jeff's Birthday!

Last night we celebrated my fiance, Jeff's, birthday at Sushi Yasuda in midtown.  I have gotten out of the habit of taking a camera with me when we go places but Jeff has been encouraging me to take more pictures for myself not just for work so I took a camera last night and I'm glad to have these pictures of him on his birthday.  

I am a self-declared sushi novice so I was a little nervous about going to such a great sushi place and ordering regular old rolls not to mention insulting the chef.  I decided to try a few pieces of sushi and to my surprise, I really enjoyed them (phew!).  
I had spent most of the morning trying to bake a 7 layer cake.  Jeff has been asking for a 7 layer cake since he was little (so the story goes).  I thought he would be really surprised if I actually pulled it off.  I didn't even own cake pans so I knew this may prove a bit difficult but for some reason I was confident I could pull it off.  
The 7 layer cake turned into a one and a half layer cake after the first 2 layers essentially crumbled out of the pans but look how happy he was!  I think he just thought it was ridiculous that I even tried.  Oh well, maybe next year.  Happy Birthday, Jeff!!