How would you describe your style? 

I like to think of myself as having a documentary style with an appreciation for detail and emotion.  Images that speak to me are the ones that make you feel something.   By the same accord, I am also drawn to composition and color so photographing table elements, florals, dresses, shoes and the paper elements of your invitation still excites me.  For me, photography is about documenting what is there but also creating a feeling, through light, color, composition and emotion.  Your images should take you back into the realm of a dream, they way you felt getting ready to walk down the aisle, your toddler's tufty hair, or the newness of the love you shared after just being engaged.


Do you edit all of the images yourself? 

I do.  Post production is a vital part of my style and I truly enjoy bringing your images to life. 


What kind of equipment do you use? 

I currently shoot with a Nikon D3s and a Nikon D700.  I carry several lenses in my bag including the Nikkor 12-24mm 2.8, Sigma 35mm 1.4 Art, Sigma 50 1.4 Art, Nikkor 105mm 2.8, Nikkor 70-200mm VRII 2.8 and Nikkor 85mm 1.4.  I use all Nikon flashes and a pocket wizard wireless system.  If you have any questions beyond what I’ve mentioned here, just ask!


How many images can we expect from our shoot? 

There are a lot of factors affecting the total number of images you might receive including the flow of your day, travel time between different venues, and any down time you have built into your wedding day schedule.  Weddings normally yield a minimum of 500 edited images but in most instances I will deliver more if you have a longer coverage period, less travel time, everything taking place at one venue or an additional photographer.  Portrait sessions yield approximately 35-50 finished images.


How long after the wedding/session will we have to wait until we see the images? 

Proofing galleries are posted within 6 weeks of your wedding date and an ordering session is scheduled 7-10 days after your portrait date.


Do we get the copyright to the images? 

Copyright can get a little tricky.  If you are asking if you have the right to reproduce the images, make prints and enlargements, books, cards and share them on social media, you absolutely do with all wedding packages and with the purchase of a digital package for your portrait session!  The copyright however, is always retained by me, as they are my photographs and I am at liberty to use them for advertising, self-promotion, etc.  If you require a release to make prints, one can be provided.


How long does our portrait session last?

Portrait sessions last approximately one hour.  Newborn sessions last anywhere from one to three hours depending on feeding, soothing, sleeping, etc.  I will never leave before I feel I’ve gotten everything I need. 


Where do you live and will you travel? 

I live in Doylestown in Bucks County, Pennsylvania.  While the majority of weddings I photograph take place in the tri-state area, New York, New Jersey and Pennsylvania, I have also photographed weddings in locations as far as St. Louis, Jamaica, Panama and Paris, France.  I love to travel and I would love to work with you on your destination wedding or session, wherever that may be!


How much does it cost to hire you? 

Pricing for wedding coverage begins at $3200.  Multiple package options are available depending on your needs and I would be happy to customize a package for you if you have something specific in mind or if you are trying to stay within a particular budget.  Portrait session fees are $195 and products and digital negatives may be purchased a la carte once you see your gallery.


Can we have the raw files?

RAW files are not available to clients.  If you decide to hire me, I hope it is because you like both my shooting style and my post-production style.  I strongly feel that the foundation of making strong images comes from good training and a lot of hours in the field but the magic happens in post production where specific editing techniques are applied.  For this reason, I will not share any "unfinished" work with you.


What should we wear for our session? 

As a general rule, I suggest avoiding black and white (except for new babies, when looks clean and classic) as they can be stark and distracting.  Avoiding small prints and graphics on children’s clothing is also a good idea.  I love a good mix of prints and colors as long as they are all in the same family.  I never shy away from mixing prints as long as they don’t compete with each other.  Layers, accessories and texture always photograph well.  Try to avoid one color in different shades and instead, choose colors that work well together, like jewel tones for example, or "Fall" or "Spring" colors.  Wardrobe design is my favorite part of my own family sessions so if you want an opinion or suggestion, just ask!


How much wedding coverage do we need?

Many weddings can be covered in about 8 hours depending on certain factors.  If you feel strongly about having coverage until the very end of the evening, you may need additional hours.  If you are considering having a first look before the ceremony to get all of your bridal party and family photographs completed before the ceremony and cocktails, you may want to build in extra time for that as well.  Travel time between venues can also impact the amount of coverage you will need.  Each wedding is different and I am more than happy to go over a timeline with you based on the details of your day.


How far in advance do we need to book?

Many couples book approximately 12 months in advance of their wedding.  Some book further in advance and some book with less lead time.  Whatever the case may be, reach out and hopefully I’ll be available on your wedding date. 


Can we give you a shot list?

I require a shot list for any formal photos that you wish to have taken.  I can’t possibly know all of the combinations you’d like and what you’ll wish I would have photographed after the wedding if I didn’t work from one.  Beyond the formal session though, I find a shot list to be a distraction from creating the work you’ve hired me for.  I am looking for moments that are real and organic.  When I do have a shot list or a Pinterest board, I find myself working from the list rather than capturing the real moments that are happening all around me.


Do you provide videography?

I am strictly a photographer and know nothing about video.  I do not currently work with any videographers specifically.


How does the album design process work?

The album options are endless.  A wedding album that might be included in your package will likely include 60 or 80 images from your wedding.  It is totally up to you to choose your favorite images and submit the selections to me through the proofing gallery.  Once I receive your selections, I will get started on a layout and post it once it is ready for you to view.  At this time, you’ll have the opportunity to make any changes, image swaps or reselections.  Up to two rounds of revisions are included with the album design and once everything looks good to you, I’ll submit the album to the lab for production.  You can expect to receive your album about 6-8 weeks after your final approval.


Do you have insurance?

I do!  I am 100% covered and I can provide you with a certificate of insurance should your venue require it.