Kate Leigh

My earliest memories of photography take me back to third grade.  I am 8 years old on Christmas Day, new camera in hand and wanting to make a portrait of each person in the room.  The light was flat, the flash was direct and the posing was lacking, but my passion was born.  I’ve owned nine cameras since then, each one painting the pictures of my life, but that first Konica lit a fire in me that continues to burn.

I began a formal study of photography in high school and continued at the University of Delaware, earning a Bachelors of Fine Arts degree in photography in 2005.  Kate Leigh Photographer opened it’s doors for business in 2008 and I’ve been photographing people ever since.  With a focus on wedding, family and newborn photography, I love any kind of work that involves people and relationships.   My photography sessions are often the start of something big, an engagement, a new life together, a new baby.  It is an honor to photograph these sacred moments and share my vision with you.  I hope that my clients will keep these images close to their hearts, and displayed on their walls for many years to come.


Photo Credit: Lindsay Docherty Rachlin