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Sarah went to school with my husband, Jeff, so I was thrilled when she contacted me about shooting her wedding. Plus, isn't she a stunning bride?  Sarah was part of a gospel choir at Penn State and she was able to have them perform at her wedding ceremony.  It was so moving it made it difficult to work!  I had to focus on not getting caught up in the music, they really made you feel so much.  It was a beautiful gift that they were able to give Elliott and Sarah and all of their family and friends.

I love April weddings.  If I had thought of it myself, I might have planned my wedding around cherry blossom season.  They remind me of home.  We had two cherry blossom trees in our front yard growing up and they always seemed their proudest right around Mother's Day.  The pink flowering trees were always so appropriate for my beautiful mom :) I loved what Sarah did with her centerpieces.  The venue just looked gorgeous.  Thank you so much to Sarah and Elliott for trusting me to capture such an important day, you make such a beautiful couple!


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I've been so happy with the wonderful weather and light we've been getting.  I traveled to CT to meet this lovely family and the conditions were truly perfect.  They had a beautiful property which served as the perfect backdrop for their family portraits.  Between that and the golden hour of light we had, I was really pleased with the way these came out.  The twins were so precious, I just loved watching them play together.  


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Jen and I met playing tennis for the University of Delaware.  She is my very best friend from college and one of the few people I've kept in touch with since.  She always helped to keep things exciting on our tennis trips and we helped each other get into a little bit of trouble on a few different occasions (spring break in FL, my 21st birthday, School Lane, etc. :)  I have so many fond memories of our time together, Jen.  You often express how thankful you are for my friendship and how you think I must get tired of hearing about all the happenings of your life, because let's face it, you love to chat!  The truth is, you have ALWAYS been there for me and always let me know how important our friendship is to you and honestly, it makes me feel important when you call just to fill me in.  Your friendship is so important to me, you have been a true and loyal friend and for that I am so very grateful!  I hope you know how much I appreciate and love you and how excited I am that you've made Pennsylvania your home.  I remember thinking about how disappointed I would be when you moved back to Rhode Island after college.  Having you in PA wasn't something I had considered until you started working in Philadelphia.  I know you will be a lifelong friend and I am so happy to have had the opportunity to capture a few moments for you one of the most special days of your life.  It is so evident how happy Mike makes you and your joy was apparent on your wedding day.  Everything was perfect and I hope that perfection continues in the days ahead.  You guys are off to a great start and I look forward to many shared experiences in the future.  XO

(While Jen hired a photographer, these are a few shots I couldn't resist taking.  I was a bridesmaid in the wedding but it was hard to put down my camera when such an important person was getting married!)

Jen was absolutely stunning and I think she took Mike's breath away when he saw her for the first time that day.  His feeling is just palpable in the fourth photo, so sweet.  You're a lucky man, Mike :)


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Stunning photos of a stunning bride!!

deborah lamberton:

katie your shots are sooo beautiful..I love the one when she got her dress on,..her serious headshot...and the look on Mike's face at first look..that expression says it all...WOW...thank you

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I've been working with Natasha and her family for years.  I've been lucky enough to capture engagement photos, newborn photos, and more than annual photos of her family as they grow.  This time Natasha and Deane had asked me to shoot an extended family portrait session on Long Island to include Deane's family.  The cherry blossom in Deane's parents' front yard was in full bloom and it looked gorgeous in the photos.  Between the weather that's not too hot and not too cold and all of the flowers and trees in bloom, it's a great time of year for photos.  Natasha, you are always a pleasure to work with and I wasn't surprised to find out how sweet and welcoming Deane's family was to me.  You are blessed with a lovely family on either side.  Thanks for welcoming me to Glen Head!


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Kate - as always, absolutely stunning pictures. Thank you for capturing the moment so perfectly. LOVE!


PS - sorry to make you drive to Glen COVE 1st. I will always laugh about the fact that the same exact street address exists in that town as well

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Marissa and Geoff were married last month on a rainy Saturday afternoon at Rivercrest Golf Club.  I had met them at Longwood Gardens for their engagement session and I noticed that they had a sweet, quiet and natural relationship.  Things seemed easy between them.  They were the type that I could imagine never getting into an argument.  Not surprisingly, the wedding day went off without a hitch.  The rain didn't seem to get them down and picture-wise, I was saved by the clear umbrella.  I always encourage my couples to get some outdoor shots, even in less than perfect weather.  The light is so flattering and it is a nice documentation of your day, rain included.  I think the umbrella shots ended up being really nice so thanks for trusting me, Marissa and Geoff :)


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